1971 TRIUMP 2000

Name: Jared Buck­ett Age: 24 Lo­ca­tion: Lower Hutt, Welling­ton Oc­cu­pa­tion: Man­ager at Un­leashed Au­to­mo­tive

NZ Performance Car - - The Demon Energy Babe -

NZ Per­for­mance Car: Hi, Jared. You don’t see many slammed Tri’ 2000s — how did you come to own it?

Jared: Hey, NZ Per­for­mance Car. A fam­ily friend owned quite a few of these and gave me one as a farm car when I was younger to learn how to drive in. From there, I was al­ways think­ing… up how to make one look kind of cool — when it came time to buy a proper first car once I had my li­cence, I de­cided it was a smart idea to look for some­thing sim­ple and re­li­able like a Primera, but this popped up first (some­how un­der a Primera search) and I had to have it ...

It’s a pretty unique style over­all. What has in­spired the build?

I grew up on a farm, and Tri­umphs, es­pe­cially the 2000s, have al­ways been as­so­ci­ated with be­ing farm­ers’ ve­hi­cles, and I wanted to take that and make it dif­fer­ent. I re­ally love the boso and shakotan stylings from Ja­pan, so those have def­i­nitely been a strong in­spi­ra­tion for this build.

And we take it those huge Hoshi­nos were based on the same idea; were they hard to make work?

Yes, very [laughs]. When mea­sur­ing up the wheel arches and backspac­ing, etc., be­fore get­ting the wheels built into their cur­rent sizes, I may have over­es­ti­mated how much room there was to play with and went a lit­tle ad­ven­tur­ous on the sizes. Once they came back, we found they didn’t fit the rear at all ... but, af­ter some cheeky mod­i­fy­ing, a bit of cut­ting, and a cou­ple of se­cret tricks, we man­aged to squeeze them in un­der the guards — only just.

It looks all the bet­ter for it, too. The en­gine bay doesn’t look like it’s been for­got­ten ei­ther — has it seen some love re­cently?

For sure. The en­gine was ripped out for a re­build af­ter it died, and I de­cided to paint ev­ery­thing be­fore it went back in for a ti­dier ap­pear­ance, as well as treat­ing the en­gine bay to a nice coat of black. It was a bit jammed up in there, so I re­lo­cated the bat­tery to make it look less busy, too.

Does it see much driv­ing time now that it’s done?

It used to get out most days un­til the en­gine died, but now it just needs to get a tune and I’ll try to drive it as much as pos­si­ble. It gets a lot of at­ten­tion while out, so it’s fun to drive and watch the stares, es­pe­cially from older peo­ple who have fond mem­o­ries of the model.

We can’t help but stare ei­ther. Are there any plans for the fu­ture?

An en­gine swap is on the cards over the next few years, but, for now, she’s pretty well done.

Hope to see her out again soon — thanks for the yarn, Jared.

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