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NZ Per­for­mance Car: Hi, Im­ran. That’s a sweet GTI — how did you get into cars?

Im­ran: Hey, guys. My dad was a new-car sales­man when I was grow­ing up, and I was for­tu­nate enough to get rides to school in all sorts of new cars. So you could say that I’ve loved cars since I was five years old, re­ally. My first car was a 1974 Dat­sun 120Y, which I loved ev­ery bit of. There was noth­ing it couldn’t do, and it never gave up on me.

Old bat­tler, no doubt. How’d you end up with the GTI?

[Laughs] well … I ac­tu­ally bought it for my wife as a sur­prise, but she wasn’t that into it — so fussy! But that was fine, and I was left with a sur­plus toy that I ended up get­ting bored with, so I started do­ing things with it. Ev­ery­thing you can see now hap­pened within a cou­ple of years of own­ing it. It’s a lot of fun to drive, es­pe­cially now with the power up­grade.

Good ex­cuse to build it up then. Not many peo­ple are do­ing sound sys­tems any­more — was this al­ways go­ing to be a big part of the build?

Funny you ask that, as it was never meant to be. I al­ways thought of turn­ing this into a track car in­stead. I have two other cars that have sounds up­graded, and this was the lonely one that didn’t have that fea­ture at all. So, to make it fair, I did this one as well.

And would you like to thank any­one?

Yes, I am blown away by the help and in­put I have re­ceived from the fol­low­ing peo­ple who have helped me bring this car to where it is to­day. Hen­nie Sadie from HSP Tun­ing (known as HS Per­for­mance and Tun­ing), Camz Wong from Camz Au­tosound and Se­cu­rity, Rich Ad­dis from Zeroflex, Matthew Holt from Au­tostance, Nick Camp­bell from Au­tot­intz for the wrap and tints, Ger­man Projects, and the Just Dubs crew.


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