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When you’ve got an old, rusty shell and rusty chas­sis ly­ing around and want to go club rac­ing, what do you do? Most would bin the shell and go find some­thing that still has struc­tural in­tegrity. How­ever, when that shell is an AE86, folk like Jamie Potts dis­cover it’s too hard to send it off to the scrappy. So, in­stead, he cut the whole floor and chas­sis out of the thing and fab­ri­cated his own ex­am­ple.

As ca­sual as that my sound in words, build­ing your own chas­sis from scratch in­volves a bit more than a night or two in the shed, es­pe­cially as Jamie’s is a full-length deal with Hi­ace diff, four-link, and Watt’s link, with coilovers.

“I only planned on do­ing a rear chas­sis, then cut some of the floor out and got a bit car­ried away there be­fore de­cid­ing to make a front chas­sis, and then that joined the rear …”

The front cor­ners use a dou­ble A-arm de­sign and short-length coilovers, while an eight-point cage ties back into the chas­sis — the 86 body shell then slips over the whole pack­age. And you won’t be find­ing a 1600cc four-banger in that en­gine bay, as Jamie favoured some­thing of the eight-cylin­der va­ri­ety. He’s run­ning an LS1 with cus­tom head­ers to suit the chas­sis, backed by a T56 six-speed box: the me­chan­i­cal pack­age has been left sim­ple for re­li­a­bil­ity, and with a hum­ble goal of 280kW it’ll get the job done with a shit­load of torque.

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