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For those deep into the Honda scene, it’s no rev­e­la­tion that VTEC and boost com­bined makes for one hell of a lethal com­bi­na­tion. Riku Nguyen picked up his own boosted R as a “mint run­ner” only to have it knock on the door the fol­low­ing day. The B18 makes use of a Dar­ton MID sleeves with JE forged pis­tons and Mol­nar Tech­nolo­gies rods, while, up top, the head con­tains a Skunk2 val­ve­train with Pro 1+ camshafts and HKS camgears. Boost is de­liv­ered via a Holset HX Su­per 40, which sits atop a cus­tom equal-length di­vided man­i­fold. While the goal is up­wards of 400kW at the front, Riku has kept the ex­te­rior styling sub­tle so as not to give away the se­cret.

Tim Chai’s DC2 Type R is all about han­dling and aero, pack­ing the full Hardrace bush cat­a­logue with Skunk2 Pro C-II coilovers, Top1 Mo­tors dou­ble-stack ca­nards, and an APR Per­for­mance GTC200 3D car­bon wing

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