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NZPer­for­manceCar : Hey, Jessey. Your Ma­jesta looks damn comfy. What made you buy it?

Jessey: Hey, NZPC. I vis­ited Ja­pan in 2016 and saw a lot of VIP-style cars. It wasn’t hard to fall in love with them there, and, about a year later, I was scrolling on­line and saw that WS Im­ports had this one for sale. I in­stantly said, “I want this car”, and fate would have it that, three weeks later, my boss sent me up to Nel­son for work, so it couldn’t have been a bet­ter op­por­tu­nity than to get paid for driv­ing up and col­lect­ing my new car. [Laughs.]

Who wouldn’t want to roll su­per lush? Al­though, VIP hasn’t been your go-to style in the past; why the switch?

I wanted to own a late-model daily-driver that stood out more than just the usual Sil­via, and I knew this was the car as soon as I saw it. Yeah, I’ve built a cou­ple of drift cars in the past and still have a love for them, which is why I’m build­ing an AE86 Trueno that will be hit­ting Rua­puna in the next cou­ple of months, but, for daily du­ties, you can’t go past the Ma­jesta.

And now that you’ve had a taste of air, do you pre­fer it over be­ing static?

All my pre­vi­ous cars have been slammed static, and, hon­estly, I feel [that] the fac­tory airbags in some of the Toy­otas have a lot of is­sues. That’s not to say that all airbags do, as there are plenty of awe­some kits out there, but stuff like these tend to, which is why I will be con­vert­ing it to a static set-up with 326power sus­pen­sion very soon.

That’s a big call! But these cars look and work so good with the 326power stuff. Have you kept the mod­i­fi­ca­tions fairly sim­ple oth­er­wise?

Yeah; all the mod­i­fi­ca­tions were done in Ja­pan (airbag con­troller and short-stroke kit) — all I did was ad­just the airbag sen­sors, so that it will go extra low, be­cause who doesn’t like a big Toy­ota on the ground? Oh, and I changed the wheels.

Wheels are a huge part of VIP styling; was that a hard de­ci­sion?

I’ve al­ways wanted to buy new Work wheels, and al­though it pulled off the Work IS207s [that] it came on, I felt that the Emo­tion CR 2Ps were the best wheel Work had to of­fer. It’s got a nice con­cave with dish, and the car sits per­fect over them with the off­sets.

That it does, Jessey. Thanks for the yarn.

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