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It’s easy to for­get that build­ing cars was not al­ways as sim­ple as it is to­day — you kids re­ally don’t know how lucky you have it. Things such as wide­body kits and wide wheels were not as com­mon­place as they are to­day. In fact, back in ’09, run­ning 18x10s all round on an Evo was un­heard of, but that didn’t stop Suben Mood­ley go­ing the full nine yards on his Evo VII with a full cus­tom-steel wide­body and mod­i­fied C-West kit to suit; one of the first wide­body ex­am­ples in New Zealand. It was no slouch, ei­ther, with an HKS-packed 4G63, in­clud­ing a big-daddy T51R. Even by to­day’s ex­or­bi­tant power lev­els, the 600hp+ ca­pa­ble pack­age is lu­nacy for a street car, and that’s why we loved it so much.

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