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Vika is no stranger to wraps on her cars, in the past hav­ing had sin­gle-colour ex­am­ples in a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions. So, when build­ing her lat­est car, an Audi S3, she wanted a “loud and out there” de­sign with ag­gres­sive­ness that still had a lit­tle fem­i­nine touch. A tall order for most; how­ever, Tom­mie and Vika worked with US-based de­signer Skep­ple (Scott) to cre­ate an ab­stract de­sign that in­cor­po­rated ev­ery­thing she wanted.

“A few dif­fer­ent colour­ways were thrown around. The pink was al­ways in there but it took a while to fine-tune, even on the fi­nal vis­ual it was hard to tell if it was go­ing to work or not,” Tom­mie tells us. “It’s al­ways hard to re­ally know what a fin­ished de­sign is go­ing to look like in re­al­ity when star­ing at a 2D vis­ual. It can also be a costly mis­take if you get some­thing wrong here. Thank­fully, once we started applying the graphic we could see how awe­some it was go­ing to look.”

Each area was bro­ken up into sep­a­rate pan­els for print­ing, with unique graph­ics cre­ated for both sides, the roof, bon­net, and bumpers, all to en­sure that the over­all de­sign tied to­gether cor­rectly.

“It’s im­por­tant to think about how you’re go­ing to fin­ish things, as you don’t want to end up with a stripe com­ing through the wheel well and not lin­ing up or just dis­ap­pear­ing,” ex­plains Tom­mie. “That means con­tin­gency is typ­i­cally built into the de­sign to al­low for run off, but it’s also im­por­tant to not in­cor­po­rate tricky el­e­ments where bumpers meet the guards, etc. If these aren’t right, it can make ap­pli­ca­tion dif­fi­cult or even im­pos­si­ble to get right.”

When print­ing these graph­ics, the printer is set to high qual­ity. This en­sures that the ink den­sity on the strong vi­brant colours is ad­e­quate to en­sure that the ink does not start to thin out when stretch­ing the vinyl over the pan­els.

“The Audi took 12–14 hours just to print. It was 20-odd me­tres of vinyl and would have taken 30–40 hours to ap­ply, in­clud­ing strip­ping and re­assem­bling the car.”

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