Vick Bhatti’s GT-R


NZ Performance Car - - Doing It For The Bro -

A stal­wart of the show car scene, Vick is known for his out-the-gate builds and con­stant drive to be in­no­va­tive. So, when it came to cre­at­ing ver­sion three of his NZ Per­for­mance Car is­sue 247 R35 GT-R cover car, he wasn’t go­ing to set­tle for any old slap-to­gether. Again, Tom­mie worked with Scott from Skep­ple to put to­gether a jet fighter–themed de­sign that in­cor­po­rates oo­dles of finer de­tails through­out the pan­els.

“Be­cause of the body work, in­clud­ing a Lib­erty Walk kit, a lot of time was spent get­ting this one per­fect,” says Tom­mie. “We sent through re­ally clear pho­tos of the whole car and mea­sured al­most ev­ery inch to make sure that it was all ac­cu­rate. Things like the dis­tance from the sills to the door han­dles and then to the near­est body gap so that the finer de­tails like the ‘push to open’ text didn’t end up 100mm for­ward of where it needed to be.”

Vick’s fi­nal de­sign was rid­dled with these de­tails that meant, un­like the pre­vi­ous three wraps, the most time was spent en­sur­ing that the de­tails were where they were sup­posed to be, both in the file set-up and the ap­pli­ca­tion. Daily mes­sages were ex­changed be­tween Tom­mie and Scott, mak­ing mi­nor changes, and Tom­mie tells us that 99.99 per cent of it came out per­fect.

The flares were pulled off and wrapped in­de­pen­dently of the car. The base layer of the car was also wrapped to cre­ate the shad­ow­ing seen over the flares where the join meets on the body. “That’s the big ad­van­tage of dig­i­tal print­ing when do­ing the smaller, com­plex stuff. There’s more file setup, but in most cases the ease of ap­pli­ca­tion and re­pair is so much quicker,” ex­plains Tom­mie.

“It’s also im­por­tant to con­sider the sur­face that you are stick­ing to; a gloss sur­face is the best fin­ish for a vinyl to stick to as it has a high sur­face en­ergy, un­like a matt sur­face.”

The GT-R took around 40–50 hours to com­plete with count­less more spent tweak­ing the de­sign and pre­par­ing the graph­ics.


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