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NZ Per­for­mance Car: Hey, Josh. Tell us the yarn of how your Cres­sida came to be.

Josh: Hi, NZPC. Well my dad bought the car around 12 years ago, com­pletely fac­tory after see­ing Shane Crich­ton’s ‘1JZ 747’ Cres­sida not long after it was built – which is now run­ning 7-sec­ond passes – and did a few lit­tle bits and pieces to it.

But he never quite man­aged to fin­ish it, you told us?

Yeah, he did the brake up­grade, sus­pen­sion, diff, etc, and once that was all done ripped out the 7M and bought a JZX100 mo­tor and trans from the wreck­ers be­fore most peo­ple here even knew what a JZX100 was. The run­ning gear sat on the garage floor for at least two years be­fore it went in, and then the whole car sat for an­other seven after that. He had heaps of other projects on the go at the same time, and this one kind of got pushed to the bot­tom of the pile.

So how did you end up own­ing it?

I’d go around to his place and say, “Right, let’s do this car,” and he’d just say, “Yeah, nah.” Then six months later I’d say the same thing, with the same re­sponse. It even­tu­ally got to the point where I said you may as well sell it so we put it on Face­book. The more I looked at it, I thought I’ll take it and fin­ish it off, so I swapped my Cen­tury I had at the time for it.

Now in your hands, what needed to be done?

Not a huge list of things but a few that needed some coin spent on it. The mo­tor and box were just sit­ting in rigged up on the standy mounts. I whipped up the power steer­ing lines to get it all rolling prop­erly, while Alan from DunkWorks fab­ri­cated the ex­haust, took care of the man­i­fold and pip­ing, etc. From there it was ba­si­cally just wiring left, which was done by Rus­sell at Cole Cus­toms. With the high-flowed turbo we could turn the wick up to 15.6psi, just un­der the fac­tory 16psi boost cut. The whole thing only took two months to fin­ish off [laughs].

And what have you used it for since com­ple­tion?

I took it to Night Speed Drag Wars at Mere­mere and ran 13.9, which is pretty slow re­ally. But with a 2.7s 60 foot the trans is real lazy. So I’m think­ing with a new trans and shift kit – both of which are sit­ting on my garage floor at the mo­ment – it should im­prove the 60 down to a 2.3 and equate to a good 13 [sec­onds]. Load it up, let it go, and boom! But be­sides that it makes a solid street­car, su­per comfy to drive with plenty of guts when you stomp the pedal. Best part is it doesn’t look like any­thing so peo­ple don’t bat an eye­lid at it when driv­ing.

Can’t go wrong with that. Cheers for the yarn, Josh.

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