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You might re­call see­ing Sam McGill’s TA22 Cel­ica back in NZ Per­for­mance Car Is­sue No. 234, when he told us yarns of work­ing on the car while en route to Antarc­tica as a sparky in the navy. Then, the fo­cus had been put on con­vert­ing the ex­te­rior to ST trim, in­clud­ing the bon­net flutes, grille, and in­te­rior oil pres­sure and am­me­ter gauges.

While he’s been a bit quiet in more re­cent times, it’s for good rea­son — the en­gine bay was get­ting a birth­day in a big way! The 1G-GE heart that has called the bay home has been torn down for a fresh re­build, and the cum­ber­some fac­tory in­take man­i­fold that crossed over top has been binned in favour of a set of in­di­vid­ual throt­tle bod­ies. The head­ers will be a cus­tom unit fab­ri­cated by IMR Fab­ri­ca­tion, which has been given cre­ative li­cense in that department, while the wiring has been all but stripped bare in an­tic­i­pa­tion of a new loom and Link Storm ECU. DKM Fab­ri­ca­tion has beefed up the chas­sis rails in an­tic­i­pa­tion of the new-found go, and whipped up a grun­tier set of en­gine mounts. And, of course, Sam has opted to clean up the bay while at it and hit it with a lick of fresh paint­work. It’s a plan that he told us about back in the orig­i­nal fea­ture, and we’re stoked to see it be­ing fol­lowed through!

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