NZ Rugby World Tournament Guide - - THE TOURNAMENT ORACLE -

They just don’t have a tight five to get the job done. If the World Cup was about which pack could make the best scones; or come up with a lovely colour scheme for cur­tains... then the Wal­la­bies would walk away with it. But it’s ac­tu­ally about which pack can boot the crap out of the other one and that, sadly, is where the flower-lov­ing Wal­la­bies fall down.

They have a hot-head coach who can be bril­liant but can also be a li­a­bil­ity. The pres­sure might get a bit much for him and he is a bit ran­dom when he doesn’t get his own way.

They lack lead­er­ship. Michael Hooper is a great player and a good young man, but it doesn’t feel like he has the to­tal sup­port of those around him. Com­pare the ex­pe­ri­ence and gravitas of the Wal­laby lead­ers with the All con­test.

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