NZ Rugby World Tournament Guide - - POOL C -

Fol­low­ers of English rugby will know all about Sara­cens hard man Jac­ques Burger. The 32-year-old is not only in­sanely tough and re­silient, he’s a more than use­ful player. Burger will put him­self about, win a few un­likely turnovers, punch hard up the guts with ball in hand and chop a few un­sus­pect­ing run­ners in half. He’ll do his best to in­spire those around him – very much in the lead by ex­am­ple mould.


The ab­so­lute best case sce­nario would be win­ning a game. That would be huge to fi­nally be suc­cess­ful at a World Cup. More re­al­is­ti­cally, they would be happy enough if they can be com­pet­i­tive – gen­uinely so – against Ge­or­gia and push them all the way. It would be a bonus if they could also cause Tonga a few prob­lems and keep the score rea­son­ably close. Not con­ced­ing 100 points to the All Blacks would be an achieve­ment, too.


WILL FIN­ISH LAST IN THE POOL – thumped by New Zealand, Ar­gentina and Tonga but will be within 10 points of Ge­or­gia.

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