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Here in New Zealand,

Dr Giresh Kanji, one of the coun­tries most re­spected Pain Spe­cial­ists com­pleted a PhD on how hu­mans ex­pe­ri­ence pain and then re­searched lower back pain, writ­ing "Fix Your Back" and then spent a few years re­search­ing neck pain, headache and mi­graine and wrote "Fix Your Neck Pain, Headache & Mi­graine", both books are in most book­stores.

Dr Kanji dis­cov­ered in the re­search that the disc is the most likely source of low back pain and In­ver­sion showed the best re­sults of all the tri­als con­ducted. Three stud­ies showed a 60% re­duc­tion in pain and one showed a 75% re­duc­tion in surgery for peo­ple with disc pro­lapse.

Dr Kanji has per­son­ally been us­ing the Teeter In­ver­sion ta­bles for his own low back pain, has Teeter In­ver­sion ta­bles at both of his clin­ics in Wellington (The Sports and Pain Clinic) and has had such suc­cess that he is now con­duct­ing the largest study in the World on In­ver­sion Ther­apy. In his own words, "these things are gold and in­ver­sion should be a rst line treat­ment for low back pain”.

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