what has to be said

Good af­ter­noon, I have just read your ed­i­to­rial in is­sue 46 of NZTo­day and I am so pleased that at last I have found a jour­nal­ist who has the gump­tion to stand up and say what has to be said.

We live in such a PC world where jour­nal­ists, in gen­eral, and politi­cians, in to­tal, pussy foot around and make it MY fault that th­ese kids don't have lunch etc, etc, etc.

I was be­gin­ning to feel I was among the last on this earth to be­lieve in tak­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity for one­self and I'm de­lighted to find there is at least one other out there!

This is the first time I've bought your mag­a­zine but based on this ar­ti­cle [I haven't read the rest of the mag­a­zine yet!] I sus­pect I'll be buy­ing more.

Please con­tinue your `cam­paign'. Some­how we've got to turn this coun­try around. J Moyle Thanks to J Moyle this month. This one wins the $50 of MTA Vouch­ers.

Ed­i­to­rial #46. This where real poverty is to be found – the slums of Jakarta. You can­not com­pare th­ese to state hous­ing ar­eas of South Auck­land

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