Long-time lis­tener, first-time caller, and all that crap. Hav­ing read your mag­a­zine since day one, I’ve seen how the bar has been raised over the years in terms of build qual­ity, but, hav­ing braved the Auckland traf­fic to visit [CRC] Speed­show, I was to­tally blown away. The level of build has sky­rock­eted. I was torn be­tween the yel­low ’55 and blue ’57 Chevs, ‘Erup­tion’, and the black Chal­lenger — I wanted them all. I must ad­mit I haven’t been for the last few years, but thought that this year, for a change, ev­ery car in there de­served to be there, rather than some just fill­ing spa­ces. What I hope, though, is that with the stan­dard now so high, it won’t scare peo­ple off to the point that they no longer en­ter their ve­hi­cles, to give us things to look at. Nice work on the mag. Sam Well (via Face­book) We, too, were blown away with the stan­dard of cars — and, just qui­etly, we were pretty stoked not to be judg­ing this year, as it’d be a damn hard job to pick be­tween some of those cars. What made things in­ter­est­ing is that the big-hit­ters, the cars you men­tion, all fell into the same cat­e­gory, so there was al­ways go­ing to be an up­set come prize­giv­ing time — not that win­ning prizes is what it should be about. I per­son­ally walked be­tween Dianne Rea’s yel­low ’55 and Ross Tebbs’ blue ’57 many times, com­par­ing de­tails on the cars, and, while, in con­cept, they’re sim­i­lar, they’re two very dif­fer­ent ve­hi­cles, each with its strengths and weak­nesses. While there’s al­ways a risk that hav­ing cars of such a high stan­dard might scare peo­ple off, I don’t think it will — rather, I hope that

it in­spires other peo­ple into be­ing bold and cre­at­ing their own mas­ter­piece. I still be­lieve there are ways to make an im­pact us­ing cre­ativ­ity over money. Here’s hop­ing I’m cor­rect! Cheers,

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