The name Neville Gadd is one that many read­ers will re­mem­ber from three decades ago, as­so­ci­ated with many side­ways passes in the ‘Plum Crazy’ (ex ’Hom­bre’) al­tered. Af­ter 28 years away from the track, Neville, along with wife Wendy, is set to make a come­back, and it sounds as if that come­back will be as im­pres­sive as those in the know would ex­pect. Neville’s time hasn’t been spent away from ve­hi­cles com­pletely, as he’s been re­spon­si­ble for build­ing var­i­ous hot rods, both for him­self and others. With the de­ci­sion to hit the track again came the re­solve that this time around it’d be both Neville and Wendy who would get to en­joy it, so two ve­hi­cles have now been pur­chased. The first car to hit the strip will be a 1992-built front-en­gine drag­ster (FED) that was raced in California with a ni­tro-fu­elled 392 Hemi be­fore be­ing changed to an al­co­hol-drink­ing big block. The car was pur­chased lo­cally from Dave Alexan­der, who im­ported it with the plan to sell it on, and the Gadds were in the right place at the right time. The car was pur­chased com­plete, but it was pulled apart and in­spected be­fore be­ing re­assem­bled. Neville is quite happy that the car is, by to­day’s stan­dards, run­ning old tech­nol­ogy, sim­i­lar to that which he re­mem­bers from last time he raced. While Wendy will end up in the FED in years to come, to get some seat time for now the pair be­gan build­ing up a To­rana. How­ever, they have now ac­quired one that’s al­ready com­plete, al­though mi­nus mo­tor. For this, the plan is to build a nat­u­rally as­pi­rated small block, which, all go­ing to plan, may one day may see the 6-71 su­per­charger from the drag­ster en­gine swapped over. While the drag­ster is set to ap­pear at Master­ton Mo­tor­plex this sea­son, chances are that the To­rana will not be on the track un­til next sea­son. One car or two, it’s set to be a hell of an im­pres­sive come­back from the Gadds!

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