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BE­GIN­NER (1pt each)

➊ What is or was ‘‘The Y2K bug’’?

➋ Which four­let­ter Maori word is used to de­scribe a gift or do­na­tion, of­ten given when at­tend­ing an event?

➌ What is the name of the ma­jor earth­quake fault which runs the length of the South Is­land from Fiord­land to Marl­bor­ough?

IN­TER­ME­DI­ATE (2pt each)

➍ Which author’s nov­els in­cluded sev­eral later turned into ma­jor films, in­clud­ing The Guns of Navarone and Ice Sta­tion Ze­bra?

➎ In the Su­per Mario Broth­ers video game se­ries, what is the name of Mario’s twin brother?

➏ Which early rock’n’roll star’s back­ing band was The Comets?

➐ Which of these films was not di­rected by David Lynch: Mul­hol­land Drive, Blue Vel­vet or Video­drome?

EX­PERT (3pt each)

➑ In which part of the world was the Mughal Em­pire a ma­jor his­tor­i­cal power?

➒ Which 1970s tele­vi­sion se­ries set dur­ing World War 2 starred Bernard Hep­ton, An­thony Valentine, Robert Wag­ner, and David McCal­lum?

➓ Sir Matthew Pin­sent won gold medals at four con­sec­u­tive Olympic Games be­tween 1992 and 2004 in which sport?

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