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From data cen­tres in In­ver­cargill to IBM

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Mr Mul­hol­land’s pre­vi­ous job in­volved man­ag­ing data cen­tres do­ing bank­ing pro­cess­ing in Dunedin and In­ver­cargill.

It was in that job that he learned about plan­ning for dis­rup­tion.

‘‘You had hard­ware fail­ures, all those sort of things. Snow­storms . . . we were ser­vic­ing right up into Geraldine.

‘‘Couri­ers couldn’t get through, we had soft­ware fail­ures, you name it, we had it.’’

A pa­per he wrote in the late 70s about busi­ness con­ti­nu­ity plan­ning also brought him to the at­ten­tion of many busi­nesses, and one of those was IBM.

The global IT com­pany got Mr Mul­hol­land to set up of­fices in the South Is­land, which then led to him be­com­ing their con­sul­tant here.

‘‘I said ‘al­right, I’ll have a go’. It hasn’t stopped since then.’’

After work­ing as a con­sul­tant he got ap­proached by a Bahrain busi­ness look­ing for a busi­ness con­ti­nu­ity plan, and within 10 days Mr Mul­hol­land was in the coun­try.

Since that deal Mr Mul­hol­land’s busi­ness has ex­panded to other coun­tries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emi­rates and Saudi Ara­bia.

About five Standby con­sul­tants re­main in the Mid­dle East, con­tin­u­ing the busi­ness con­ti­nu­ity plan­ning.

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