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Otago Daily Times, Saturday, October 24, 2020 — Page 51 PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES FARMING NOTICES FARMING NOTICES FARMING NOTICES FARMING NOTICES FARMING NOTICES FARMING NOTICES ODT INFOLINE Notice of Payment into Victims’ Claims Trust Account NOTICE OF MEETINGS November 2020 TAKE NOTICE THAT: The following meetings will be held in November 2020 in the Council Chamber, 200 Tuam Street, Christchur­ch. Phone 477-4760 GORE CATTLE SALE Darryn John Crowley has received compensati­on to which the Prisoners’ and Victims’ Claims Act 2005 (PVCA) applies. Pursuant to Part 2 of the PVCA, compensati­on awarded to an offender is paid to the Secretary for Justice and, after certain deductions, is put into the Victims’ Claims Trust Account to be held in trust for the offender to enable victims of the offender to make claims against it. On was paid into the Victims’ Claims Trust Account on behalf of Castlerock 2nd Spring Cattle Sale Charlton Cattle Sale Postal Address: Otago Daily Times, PO Box 517 Dunedin. Street Address: 52 Lower Stuart St, Dunedin Email: Thursday 19 November Friday 30th October Commencing 10.30 am Wednesday 28th October Commencing 10.30am Cattle yarded overnight Charlton Saleyards Wednesday 28 November 2020 Commencing 10.30am Performanc­e, Audit & Risk Committee at 2.00pm Thursday 26 November Nokomai Station, Athol C10 Canterbury Regional Transport Committee Meeting at 4.00pm • 160 Yearling Hereford Heifers (Capital stock suitable for breeding) • 120 Yearling Angus Heifers (Capital stock suitable for breeding) GW & CM Kay, Riversdale CM M I & D I Drummond, Wilden (C10) • 20 Hereford x R2 Steers 50 R1 Fri Bulls (approx. 320kgs) 25 Angus R1 Steers 25 Angus R2 Heifers Regulation Hearing Committee 13 October 2020, $26,500.00 Darryn John The Regulation Hearing Committee is scheduled to meet weekly. Meetings will be held, as required on Thursday 5, 12, 19, & 26 November at 8.30am. Tunoa Downs, Popotunoa C10 odt.editor@alliedpres­s.co.nz Crowley. • 25 Angus x R2 Heifers Kingston Station, Kingston C10 This money must be held in the Trust Account until paid out in accordance with the PVCA. Any money left after any victims’ claims have been paid will be paid to Online Classified Service classified@alliedpres­s.co.nz M & K Pritchard, Waipahi (C8) • 80 Yearling Angus and Hereford Angus x Steers • 20 Yearling Angus x Heifers NC & JM Bensemann, Waimumu CM 10 1yr 3/4 Hereford Steers 7 1yr Hereford Steers 9 1yr Hereford x Heifers 6 1yr Charolais Angus x Heifers Agendas will be available online at • 15 Hereford Friesian Yearling Heifers Darryn http://www.ecan.govt.nz/meetings at least John Crowley. OTHER DEPARTMENT­S Flagstaff Station, Athol C10 two days prior to each meeting. Highlands 2020 Ltd, Wendon C10 Darryn John Darryn John ANY PERSON who has been a victim of in respect of an offence for which was convicted in a Court of New Zealand, is entitled to make a claim against the money held in the Trust Account on behalf of Claims by victims are not limited to the amount available in the Trust Account. CLAIM FORMS, and informatio­n on how to make a claim, may be obtained from: The Secretary Victims’ Special Claims Tribunal DX SX 11159 WELLINGTON 6011 Ph: 04 462 6660 Fax: 04 462 6686 • 80 Yearling Angus, Hereford Steers • 10 Yearling Hereford Heifers • 25 Yearling Hereford Angus x Heifers • 28 Hereford Angus x & Hereford x Yearling Steers Crowley, Crowley Dr Stefanie Rixecker General Inquiries: 477-4760 Classified: 477-8000 Circulatio­n: 479-3555 Display Sales Fax: 474-7421 OFFICE HOURS 8.30am-5pm Gowan Brae, Edievale (C10) CHIEF EXECUTIVE 25 Simmental x Heifers S & S Hastie, Mount Wendon C10 Glenquoich Station, Athol C10 R S & A J Williamson, Piano Flat (CM) Darryn John Crowley. • 40 Angus & Hereford Angus x Yearling Heifers • 5 Hereford & Hereford Angus x Yearling Steers • 5 Hereford & Hereford Angus x Yearling Heifers • 30 Angus x Steers • 20 Angus x Heifers 40 R2 Angus Heifers Please contact Environmen­t Canterbury with any queries: R J Dairies, Otama (CM) 10 Simmental x M/S Cattle 10 Here/Fri & Murray Grey/Fri M/S Cattle Blakely Farming Ltd, C10 L McMillan & M Walker, Tuturau CM BRANCH OFFICES • 130 Angus and Angus Simmental x Yearling Steers • 50 Angus and Angus Simmental x Yearling Heifers • 20 Angus R2 Heifers • 7 Friesian R2 Steers • 3 Hereford x R2 Steers • 4 Hereford x 14mth Steers 0800 324 636 Contact: Craig North – 0274 730 864 Alexandra: Balclutha: Oamaru: Queenstown: Wanaka: Mosgiel: (03) 440-0032 (03) 418-0123 (03) 434-9970 (03) 442-6157 (03) 443-1307 489-0948 BALCLUTHA SALE Les Glassey, Mataura C10 OTAGO DAILY TIMES GA Young & Co, Cattle Flat Station C10 • 10 Friesian Yearling Bulls Wednesday 28 October 2020 Commencing 11am • 70 Hereford Angus x MS Yearlings ALL CLAIMS must be filed on or before Tuesday, 27 April 2021. E F Blakely, Pyramid C10 Lorne Peak Station, Garston C10 CLASSIFIED/FRONT OFFICE • 3 Angus x Yearling Steers ttt050c162­6 Broad Ridge Farm 2003 Ltd, Hillend • 20 Charolais x Yearling Steers • 20 Charolais x Yearling Heifers 100 Romney Ewe Hoggets W.C.C.C, Wendon C10 PUKEURI WAR MEMORIAL HALL AGM LABOUR DAY 2020 • 5 Hereford Friesian x 1st Calvers • 5 Calves at foot NOTIFICATI­ON OF MEETINGS Contact: Mark Sheppard – 0274 730 856 Cromel Valley Station, Five Rivers C10 • 40 Angus Yearling Steers • 40 Angus Yearling Heifers Ross McKee OFFICE CLOSED 0274 425 397 Petersen Farming, Longridge C4 to be held Wednesday, November 18, 2020, at 7 p.m. in the Hall, Works Road, Pukeuri Everyone welcome. Monday, October 26 Lawrence/Waitahuna Ram Open Day • 20 Angus and Hereford Angus x Steers • 20 Angus and Hereford Angus x Heifers ON FARM EWE & LAMB SALE Thursday 5th November, from 1pm Please note the following upcoming meetings. Members of the public will be provided the opportunit­y to view the proceeding­s in real time as they are streamed to the Otago Regional Council Official YouTube channel. More informatio­n can also be found on the ORC website at RE­OPENS Barry McAlister The following Ram Breeders welcome all current and new clients to view the rams on offer this season. 0274 416 432 Tuesday, October 27, at 8.30 a.m. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: If you want to drink that's your business; if you want to stop, we can help. — Phone 0800AA-WORKS, 0800-229-6757, www.aaotago.org.nz ON ACCOUNT OF SINAI LTD Thursday 5 November 2020 Commencing 1pm CLASSIFIED PHONE 477­8000 CLASSIFIED EMAIL Ram Breeders Longridge Partnershi­p www.orc.govt.nz – Romney, Romdale, All meetings held at: Otago Regional Council Chamber, Level 2, Philip Laing House, 144 Rattray Street, Dunedin Dorset Down • 750 Waitahuna West Road, Lawrence – Romney, Romney-Texel, Sufftex • 1318 Waitahuna West Road, Lawrence – Pure Charollais, ¾ Charollais, ½ Charollais, ¼ Texel, ¼ Poll Dorset, Black Face Charollais • 1118 Athenaeum Road, Lawrence Helping grow the country classified@alliedpres­s.co.nz To be held at FARMING NOTICES 29 Poyntzs Road, Oxford Farview Farm Thursday, 12 November We Will Offer: 3000 Prime & Store Dorset Down and South Down Cross Mixed Sex Lambs 2000 Prime Ewes Strategy and Planning Committee, 1pm OTAGO POLYTECHNI­C LIMITED Charollais Sheep NZ Ltd Wednesday, 25 November Finance Committee, 10am Council Meeting, 1pm PRELIMINAR­Y NOTICE MAHENO SCHOOL CLEARING SALE Expression­s of interest contact the selling agents Aaron Leckie (RLL) – 0274 730 808 Tim Rutherford (HRL) – 0274 620 135 Thursday, 26 November Warwick Howie Notice of November 2020 Meeting Audit and Risk Subcommitt­ee, 2pm 027 437 5276 Callum McDonald Agendas and associated reports are available 48 hours before meetings on the Council’s website at www.orc.govt.nz 027 433 6443 www.rurallives­tock.co.nz At The Maheno Rugby Grounds Friday 20th November 2020 A meeting of the Otago Polytechni­c Limited Board will be held at 11am on 16 November 2020 at Otago Polytechni­c Auckland Internatio­nal Campus, 350 Queen Street Auckland. NZ Owned & Operated Liz Spector Committee Secretary Palmerston 2nd Spring Cattle Sale Rural Livestock Limited does not represent that any goods or livestock will be available at the time of enquiry or advertised sale date nor accepts any liability in relation to goods or livestock no longer being available for purchase Friday 6 November @ 10am Palmerston Saleyards Helping grow the country PGG Wrightson, in associatio­n with the Maheno School, are accepting entries for the Open Clearing Sale. For entry forms and enquiries please contact: Kelvin Wilson 027 478 6190 Rod Naylor 027 439 3318 PGG Wrightson Ltd Oamaru All cattle yarded overnight and sold over scales The agenda and associated reports for the meeting can be inspected at least two working days beforehand by emailing: TEMUKA STORE CATTLE SALE Comprising Approx: AMAZING!!! NO COMMISSION!! • 50 Angus/Gelbvieh X 2yr Steers • 150 Stabilizer 1yr Steers (top weights) • 285 Angus & Angus X 1yr Steers • 30 Charolais X 1yr Steers • 25 Hereford 1yr Steers • 10 Shorthorn 1yr Steers • 20 Simmental X 1yr Steers • 10 Beef X 1yr Steers • 220 Angus & Angus X 1yr Heifers • 60 Angus & Angus X 1yr Heifers (suitable for breeding) • 44 Hereford 1yr Heifers (suitable for breeding) • 30 Charolais X 1yr Heifers • 17 Shorthorn 1yr Heifers • 9 Simmental X 1yr Heifers Why pay commission elsewhere when you can sell through the ODT Classified­s and keep all the $$$$. — Phone 477-8000, E-mail classified@alliedpres­s.co.nz jeanette.corson@op.ac.nz Just phone the Classified­s for Amazing Deals such as the 4-for-3 Deal, the 3-Day Deal or the Saturday/Half-price Weekday Deal. — Phone 477-8000 today. Otago Daily Times Private Bag 1954, Dunedin 9054 0800 474 082 • www.orc.govt.nz Thursday 29 October 2020 0800 762 786 www.op.ac.nz WHAT BETTER THE AGM place for a Public Notice than the Otago Daily Times! Simply call us on 477-8000 to place your notice. of the Brighton Club Inc. will be held at 2 p.m., on Sunday, November 8, 2020, at the Brighton Club, 1038 Brighton Rd, all members welcome. EDUCATIONA­L EDUCATIONA­L Commencing at 10.00am Entries to date include: Teaching Thinking Workshop 60 2Yr Friesian & Hereford/Friesian X Steers 120 2 yr Friesian & Hereford/Friesian X Heifers 150 Ylg Angus & Hereford/Friesian X Steers 180 Ylg Angus & Hereford/Friesian X Heifers 50 Ylg Hereford Heifers 40 Ylg Friesian & Friesian X Bulls We announce a rare opportunit­y for educators to attend a workshop in Dunedin on the Feuerstein approach to teaching thinking. This approach was recently showcased in the New Zealand Education Gazette. It is used internatio­nally and in New Zealand to support learners with learning challenges, as well as more widely in schools, and has a strong evidence base. GRANT’S BRAES SCHOOL ā Public Notice | P nui CASTLEROCK CATTLE SALE Gerard Shea (PGGW) Enrolment Scheme Notificati­on 027 442 5379 TOTAL: 600 Amendment to the October 2020 Meeting Schedule Don Roney (RLL) 027 435 7434 Change of Meeting Time: 30th October 2020 For full and up-to-date details, visit www.temukasale­s.co.nz January­July 2021 The Ordinary Meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council scheduled to take place on Thursday 29 October 2020 in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown, will now commence at 2.00pm A/c WILSON FARM Riverton CM Date of workshop: Starting in the weekend of December 5/6 and continuing on a weekend agreed to by the participan­ts. Kaikorai Valley College. Dr Simon McMillan, Head of Science at the College, will host the workshop. He and his science teachers have been using the Feuerstein approach to enhance external exam results in science. Enrolment at Grant’s Braes School is governed by an enrolment scheme. The details of the school’s scheme are available from the school office. If you live in the home zone of Grant’s Braes School, your child has automatic right of entry. If you plan to enrol your child at Grant’s Braes School for 2021, but have not yet signalled this to the school, please contact the school office as soon as possible. If you live outside of the school’s home zone, you do not have automatic right of enrolment. Please read the following carefully. TESSCO South Canterbury Ltd, TIMARU Helping grow the country Private Bag 50072 | 10 Gorge Road Queenstown Phone 03 441 0499 | www.qldc.govt.nz 15 x Angus Ylg Strs PERSONAL Place: A/c J&K GRAY LTD Blackmount C10 TRADE PERSONAL TRADE PERSONAL ADVERTISEM­ENTS in this column must conform to our standard. The newspaper reserves the right to delete or hold out anything we consider in bad taste. 30 x Charolais X Ylg Hfrs Workshop Leader/Trainer: Dr Dorothy Howie, who lives at Careys Bay, Dunedin, is a senior trainer with the Feuerstein approach. Her internatio­nally acclaimed books are: 2011, "Teaching Students Thinking Skills and Strategies: A Framework for Cognitive Education in Inclusive Settings". 2020, "Thinking about the Teaching of Thinking: The Feuerstein Approach" 2nd ed. CONTACT Steve Brunell 027 473 0317 RAFFLE RESULTS GREEN ISLAND ART CLUB: Card 22/7, Russ; Card 18/2, Denise Findlay. EXPERIENCE­D FORESTRY WORKER: ā Public Notice | P nui available for pruning, and chainsaw work. — Phone Scott McEntee 027-455-8117. SPRING PROMO TRADE PERSONAL • RIDE-ONS FROM $3499 • LAWNMOWERS FROM $349 ADVERTISEM­ENTS in this column must conform to our standard. The newspaper reserves the right to delete or hold out anything we consider in bad taste. Contact Dr Howie for inquiries: D.Howie@auckland.ac.nz *FREE TRAILER New Zealand Jet Boat River Racing Associatio­n 2020 New Zealand Jet Boat Marathon WITH RIDE-ONS 293 Riccarton Road West, RD2, Mosgiel 9092 03 489 5058 | sales@lensinclai­r.com FARM WANTED P: E: Out of Zone Places for Terms 1 and 2, 2021 *Conditions apply TRADE PERSONAL TRADE PERSONAL TRADE PERSONAL Public notice is hereby given pursuant to the Queenstown Lakes District Navigation and Safety Bylaw 2018 that Bylaws 9, 31, 43 and 51 have been uplifted to allow the running of this event. Sunday 1 November 2020. 8.00am until 4.00pm Legs 1 & 2 - Clutha River upstream from Lake Dunstan to Lake Wānaka outlet and return to Lake Dunstan. NB: The above uplifting covers only the section of the Clutha river within the boundaries of the Queenstown Lakes District Council. Experience­d farming family looking for large sheep/beef property (4,000-6,000 s.u.). Keen on outright purchase or equity partnershi­p arrangemen­t. The Term 1 and Term 2 enrolment period is February 1, 2021-July 9,2021. The Board of Trustees has determined that there is likely to be a limited number of spaces available for out-of zone new entrant students who turn five before July 26, 2021, and year 2-3 students. Applicatio­ns for enrolment within this enrolment period for out-of-zone new entrant children close at 3 p.m., on Friday, October 30, 2020. TRADES AND SERVICES Date: Time: Place: Reply in confidence 027-435-9510 or 03-225-5147. AIR CONDITIONI­NG/HEATING MOVING & STORAGE HEADING PUPS; positive working breed, 3 months old, socialised, vaccinated. — Phone Doug Jack, 027-241-8240. Date: Time: Place: Monday 2 November 2020. 8.00am until 5.00pm Legs 3, 4, 5 & 6 - Lake W ānaka Glendhu Bay to Matukituki River upstream to Beech Forest and return to Bridge at West Wānaka, twice. Between rivers and especially from Lake Dunstan to Lake Wānaka Glendhu Bay, all race craft and safety boats must be checked and cleaned for lagarosiph­on. Smyths Living 03 455 4670 www.smythslivi­ng.co.nz Prices Packers & Movers 0800 272 258 admin@prices.net.nz Heatpumps new, serviced repairs and replacemen­t call us today. . . . for over 30 years. Hourly Rates, Free Estimates. Local, National, Internatio­nal Movers. New furniture distributi­on & logistics. HOME KILL Special condition: Mosgiel Meat Warehouse, for all your requiremen­ts. — Phone Larry, 027-489-7161. PAINTERS & DECORATORS Please forward your written applicatio­n to stephaniew@grantsbrae­s. school.nz Please don’t hesitate to contact the school directly (office@grantsbrae­s. school.nz or 454-4717) if you would like more informatio­n. If out-of-zone applicatio­ns exceed the number of places available, a ballot will be held. Only those craft involved in this event are exempt from the provisions of the Bylaws. Dated at Queenstown 19 October 2020. APPLIANCE REPAIRS & REPLACEMEN­TS Warren Marriner Painters & Decorators Dunedin 0272272 153 warrenmarr­iner.co.nz LAND WANTED: Bush Block with grazing if possible, Dunedin and surroundin­g area, private buyer. — Phone 021- 065-5084. Approved by Harbourmas­ter M A Black Smyths Living 03 455 4670 www.smythslivi­ng.co.nz Profession­al, honest team for all your painting, Gib stopping, waterblast­ing and wallpaperi­ng requiremen­ts. Queenstown Lakes District Council Navigation and Safety Bylaw 2018 Upper Shotover River 5 Knot Speed Limit Uplifting Deep Creek to Shotover River Confluence Above Branches Station FREE QUOTES LAND WANTED TO LEASE, short- term, 3-4 months. — Phone 021-0880-6404. PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL SERVICES LEASE BLOCK WANTED: Small to medium sized, South Otago area, young farming family. — Phone 027-474-5940. Mains Plumbers 03 488 6000 office@mainsplumb­ers.co.nz BUILDING/ROOFING SERVICES Public Notice is hereby given pursuant to Queenstown Lakes District Navigation and Safety Bylaw 2018 that Sections 31, 43 and 51 have been uplifted to enable a group of private jetboaters led by Tony McQuilkin to access this section of the Shotover River as detailed below. Monday 2 November 2020 with reserved days in case of bad weather being 3, 9 and 10 November 2020. 8.00am to 6.00pm. Upper Shotover River from Skippers Bridge to the confluence of the Shotover River above Branches Station and return. Only craft involved in this group are excluded from the provisions of the Bylaws. It should be noted that the responsibi­lity for the safety of all the participan­ts rests with the organiser of this run. Dated at Queenstown 19 October 2020. LUCERNE, small bales, excellent for stock or gardens. — Ph. 027-492-0194 Alexandra. Experts in all residentia­l and light commercial plumbing jobs. Contact our team today — we guarantee you’ve never worked with a team like ours before! Steph Woodley, Chairperso­n, Grant’s Braes School Board of Trustees The Roof Doctors 03 456 4222 roofdoctor­s.co.nz McIvor Plumbers & Gas Dunedin 03 466 3006 mcivor.plumbers@xtra.co.nz We specialise in saving Roofs. Get a Free roof check NOW! On standby to take care of any Roofing needs! Dates: Time: Place: Available 24/7 for all your plumbing, gas fitting and drainage requiremen­ts. Hot Water Specialist­s. 100% Dunedin owned and operated. OTAGO TRACTOR REPAIRS: Barry Dell Roofing 03 455 4100 enquiries@barrydell.co.nz Farm Machinery Sales and Repairs, 23 Gladstone Road, Mosgiel, ph. 484-7417. Barry Dell Plumbing 03 455 4100 enquiries@barrydell.co.nz NB: Our roofing team look forward to being able to complete all your roofing requiremen­ts. Whether it’s domestic or commercial, we are here to help 24/7. 100% Dunedin owned. We are available for all your Plumbing, Drainage and Gas-fitting requiremen­ts. Whether it’s domestic or commercial, we are here to help 24/7. 100% Dunedin owned. TIMBER SALE Remember RECYCLE THIS Approved by Harbourmas­ter M A Black Dressed 150 x 50 Oregon, good building grade, ideal for sheds, yards, calf pens, farm fences etc; $3.50 per linear metre plus GST. — Ph. 021-632-123. Private Bag 50072 | 10 Gorge Road Queenstown Phone 03 441 0499 | www.qldc.govt.nz If you want to be added to this list please email salesreps@alliedpres­s.co.nz or phone 03 479 3549 NEWSPAPER!