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Gen­eral knowl­edge cross­word

- Switzerland · Quentin Crisp · Alfred Nobel · Arnold Schwarzenegger · Kyū Sakamoto


5 What in­sect prod­uct is most com­monly eaten by peo­ple? (5)

8 What is a pow­er­ful, swing­ing boxing punch? (8)

9 Planted at Meik­leour, Scot­land, in 1745, it is the world’s tallest what? (5)

10 What is the tube-shaped sac at the up­per end of the large in­tes­tine? (8)

11 What is a thick white de­posit formed in a ket­tle? (5)

14 What does a theo­phobe fear? (3)

16 What Swiss break­fast food has been adopted in­ter­na­tion­ally? (6)

17 As ca­nine is “of dogs”, what is “of bears”? (6)

18 What is a slang word for in­for­ma­tion? (3) 20 Which penin­sula links Africa with Asia?


24 “An au­to­bi­og­ra­phy is an _____ in se­rial form ...” (Quentin Crisp, The Naked Civil Ser­vant)

25 What did Michelan­gelo sculpt be­tween 1501 and 1504? (5)

26 What did Al­fred No­bel in­vent in 1867? (8) 27 Mean­ing “scales” or “bal­ance” in Latin, which con­stel­la­tion is seen in the south­ern skies? (5)


1 What is a great num­ber of fish swim­ming to­gether? (5)

2 What is the im­ma­ture form of a drag­on­fly or lo­cust called? (5)

3/4 Who played Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger’s twin in the film Twins? (5,6)

6 What type of min­ing does not re­quire un­der­ground shafts? (8) 7 What is another name for the aubergine? (8)

12 Kyu Sakamoto had a world­wide hit in 1963 with which song? (8)

13 What is a tree trained to grow flat against a wall? (8)

14 What is a light, two-wheeled one-horse car­riage? (3)

15 What is a dull grey­ish-brown colour? (3)

19 What de­scribes a hu­man off­spring in the first eight weeks af­ter con­cep­tion? (6)

21 What is a very fra­grant oil made chiefly from the damask rose? (5)

22 Song lyrics: “Say it loud and there’s mu­sic play­ing. Say it soft, and it’s al­most like pray­ing.” Say what? (5)

23 What are ba­sic units of in­for­ma­tion in com­puter stor­age? (5)

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