Otago Daily Times : 2020-10-27

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Tuesday,O ctober 27 TVNZ 1 TVNZ 2 Three Prime Maori Choice freeview 1 SKY 1 freeview 2 SKY 2 freeview 3 SKY 3 freeview 12 SKY 24 freeview 10 SKY 4 freeview 5 SKY 19 6am 9am 6:30 6:35 6:50 7am 8am 8:10 8:20 8:30 8:40 8:50 9am 9:30 6am 7am 8am TheAMShow The CaféPG Infom erc ials Fac e Th e Truth Dr Ph ilPG Newlywed And Dead Pip i Ma Takaro Trib e WaiataMai Te Ao Tap atah i Tam ariki Haka Te Nutub e ZooMoo Darwin + Newts3 Purakau Paia Wh anau Bakeoff Ki Tua Iwi Anth em s Wh anau Living Ng aTang ata Taum ataRau Funny Wh are – Gam esnig h tPG It’s In Th e Bag Ko Au Te Awa,Ko Te Awa Ko Au Ako Toku Reo Korero Mai Road To Th e Nats Te ManaKurata­h i WakaAm aSp rints3 Pip i Ma Takaro Trib e Waiata Mai Tam ariki Haka Te Nutub e Zoom oo Darwin + Newts3 Purakau Paia Te Ao Maram a Pio Terei Tonig h tPGC ToaHunter Gath erer Piri’sTiki Tour HuntWith MeM Th e Food Hosp italPGC River Cottag e Every Day Judi Denc h ’sWild Borneo Adventure Disc overing ... Before And After MysteriesA­tTh e Museum 6am 6:25 6:50 6am 9am 6:30 6:50 7am 7:25 7:50 8:15 8:35 9am 10am 10:30 11am Noon Ben 1 0 – Alien Forc e Th e Loud House Teenag e MutantNinj­a Turtles Ben 1 0 – Ultim ate Alien Doub le Dare Nic ky,Ric ky,Dic ky,And Dawn Batm an – Th e Anim ated Series A Plac e In Th e Sun Th e Doc torsPGC Wh ose Line IsItAnyway? Breakfast Th e Ellen DeGeneres Sh ow Tip p ing Point0 Th e Ch ase 1 NewsAtMidd­ay Em m erdale Rac h elHunter’sTour Of Beauty Th e Ellen DeGeneres Sh ow Tip p ing Point0 Te Karere BeatTh e Ch ef0 Th e Ch ase 1 NewsAt6p m Seven Sh arp Param edic sML Man Enoug h Coronation Street 2020 Esm e And Roy Code Fun New Looney Tunes Ben 1 0 Bunnic ula0 Rainb ow Rang ers0 Moon & Me Infom erc ial Neig h b ours0 Murp h y Brown Grey’sAnatom y Com e Dine With Me Coup les0 Judg e Rinder Th e Middle Hom e And Away Sh ortland StreetPGC Power Rang ersBeast Morp h ersPG Brain Busters0 Friend s Th e Sim p sonsPG Neig h b ours0 Hom e And Away Sh ortland StreetPGC Dog Alm ig h ty Young Sh eldon Mom Late Nig h tBig BreakfastP­G Will& Grac e Taskm aster NZ 2 Broke GirlsPGC Th e ResidentMC Station 1 9 Sh ortland StreetPGC Infom erc ial 2 Overnig h t Em m erdale Neig h b ours0 Infom erc ial 30 30 0 0 10am 3 0 11:35 12:05 1:05 PG PG 3 0 0 10am 11am Noon 12:30 1:30 0 30 9am 10am 10:30 7:15 0 M 201 6 Dr am a. A new lyw ed beg insto doubth er h usband’s love w h en h isrivalisf­ound dead and,w h en sh e investig ates th e death and h er h usband’s p ast,sh e b ec om es h is next targ et. Sh enae Grim es-Beec h , Sam anth aFerris,VenusTerzo. PG 3 0 30 PG 0 0 7:40 8:05 30 PGC 11:30 12:30 1:30 Salvag e Hunters LostTreasu­resOfEg yp t Am azing Hotels– Life Beyond Th e Lob b y ColoursOfC­h ina Paris– A Wild Story Ch oc c ywoc c ydoodah – Starstruc k MysteriesA­tTh e Museum 0 30 2pm 0 8:30 PG MC 0 0 3 30 3pm 4pm 4:30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 8:30 9:30 10am 10:30 11am 9am 10am 11am 3 3 2:30 3:30 4:30 0 3 3 3:05 4pm Bond i Vet The Fish ing Sh ow Classic sPG NewsHub Live At4 :30p m Millionair­e Hot Seat NewsHub Live At6p m Th e Projec t Matc h FitPG 1pm 2:05 2:35 3:05 3:35 0 0 0 0 3 PG 30 4:30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 Noon 0 0 0 0 0 Noon 12:30 1:30 Hot Benc h Madam Sec retary Married… With Ch ildren PGC 5:30 0 0 MC 30 12:30 1pm Don Wildm an unearth s relicsfrom th ew orld’sgreatest institu tions to r evealsec r ets fr om th e p ast,exam ining eac h artefac tto illum inate th e h idden tr easu r es. PGC MC 0 PG 3 4pm 4:30 5pm 6pm 6:30 7pm 7:30 8:30 9:25 10pm 3 32 32 3 2pm Th e Late Sh ow With Step h en Colb ertPG Wh eelOfFortu­ne Jeop ardy Am eric an Pic kersPG Frasier Prim e News Am eric an Restoratio­n Sh ip p ing WarsPGL Th e Crowd GoesWild Big Pac ific Instinc tMVC Th e team ofform er AllBlac ks are p utth roug h th e p ac esw ith a navy b ootc am p c h alleng e,and fac e th eir fir stop p osition team . PGC 1:30 2pm 3pm 3:30 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:05 5:20 5:30 5:40 5:50 6pm 6:10 6:20 6:30 7:30 8:30 9pm 9:30 0 0 3 10:30 11pm 12:10 1 NewsTonig h t0 Th e Ab used Te Radar’sCh eq uered PastPG Th ere & Bac k Te Karere Infom erc ial Te Karere 0 3pm 3:30 4pm 5pm 5:30 6pm 6:30 7pm 7:30 8:35 3 MC 0 3 0 6:30 Salvag e Hunters 0 Dr ew Pr itc h ar d tr avels th e U nited King dom looking for derelic t tr easu r es. 8:30 Mean Mum sPG 0 0 3 30 12:40 1:05 1:30 5:35 Thingsbeco­mecomplica­ted w h en Jessac c identally w ins th e sc h oolr affle; Hine p lays c u p id b etw een Jess and th e p r inc ip al. 0 0 0 30 30 PG 0 7:30 8:30 Th e Weekend Worksh op Prop erty Broth ers– Forever Hom e Laurenc e OfSub urb ia Salvag e Hunters MysteriesA­tTh e Museum 3 0 0 9pm Golden Boy 10:30 11pm Midnight 12:25 1:15 2am 2:25 3:30 4:40 5:05 5:30 30 M PG M0 0 9:30 10:30 11:30 Mitc h ’srelations­h ip w ith Dave isstrained w h en sh e findsan unkind sc h oolrep orth e w rote abouth er;Tam ap lotsap rop osal w ith an unlikely ally;itallc om es to ah ead atth e Craw don UnderFives Ru g b y m atc h . 3 Ryan and Dylan’slead in th e Sleep ing Beauty Killer c ase takes th em to a c onfr ontation ab oar d a sh ip ; Dylan r ec eives new s fr om h is fath er . 0 0 Don Wildm an unearth s relicsfrom th ew orld’sgreatest institu tions to r evealsec r ets fr om th e p ast,exam ining eac h artefac tto illum inate th e h idden tr easu r es. PGC 3 M0 0 3 9:35 Wh ite House Farm 18VLSC 0 PGC 3 9:30 NCIS – LA M PG A w itness’stestim ony fillsin afew blanks,butalsorai­ses troubling c om p lic ations,and th e fam ily m ustq uestion w h atth ey th oug h tth ey knew . 0 PGC 3 Th e team h elp sth e DOJ to investig ate an ar sonistw h o tar g ets an FBI safe h ou se p r otec ting a p olitic alac tivist seeking asylum . 12:30 Ch oc c ywoc c ydoodah – Starstruc k Before And After Fam ousAnd Fig h ting Paris– AWild Story Laurenc e OfSub urb ia MysteriesA­tTh e Museum Th e diversity ofh unting and g ath er ing on land and sea ac r oss New Zealand. 1:30 2am 3am 4am 5am Movies Premiere Channel 39 MCL freeview 39 terrestria­l Dunedin & Invercargi­ll SKY 30 0 10:35 11:45 Th e Breakdown Th e Late Sh ow With Step h en Colb ertPG Closed own 10pm 10:30 11pm 11:30 Hunting AotearoaML­C Te Po Mekem eke Wh awh ai Closedown 3 10:30 11pm 11:55 NewsHub Late NCIS – LosAng elesM Infom erc ials 6:46 Doc tor Sleep 201 9 Hor r or . Ew an Mc Gr eg or , CliffCu r tis. 16VLC 3 6am Career Day 30 Hosted b y Santita Dw iPu tr i. 12:45 PGC 6:30 7am 7:30 10am 10:30 11am 11:30 Noon 12:30 1pm 1:30 2pm 2:30 3pm 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm 7pm 7:30 Tiki Tour Th e Moe Sh ow South ern Attrac tions Green Matters Th ink Green Nature And Sc ienc e Ec o Adventures Th e Ham ilton Live Pop Xp ort Taste For Life Eurom axx Inside Nature Tec h Tools South ern Attrac tions World OfWildlife Antiq uesWith Attitude Eurom axx Th e South Today South ern Attrac tions Th e South Today PutSom e Colour In Your 9:16 Good Boys16LSC 201 9 Com edy. Jac ob Trem blay, Br ady Noon. Sky 5 UKTV SKY5 SKY 7 10:47 King 6am 6:50 Jeop ardy!6:25 Wh eelOf Fortune Th e Sim p sons Survivor Cam b odiaPG Th e Forc e Can’t Pay? We’llTake It Away Hard c ore Pawn NCIS – LA NCIS Survivor – Cam b odiaPG Jeop ardy! Wh eelOfFortu­ne Raw Live Th e Sim p sonsPG Jeop ardy! Wh eelOfFortu­ne Hard c ore Pawn Can’t Pay? We’llTake It Away Th e Forc e NCIS – LA 6am Lond on KillsPG Eastend ersPG Grah am Norton Sh ow Th e BillMVC DCI BanksMV Death In Paradise Grantc h ester Midsom er MurdersMVC Th e BillMVC Lond on KillsPG 8 Out Of10 CatsDoesCo­untdown Th e Grah am Norton Sh ow Wh o Do You Th ink You Are?PG Qi Eastend ersPG Qi OfTh ievesML 201 8 Dr am a. Mic h aelCaine,Jim Broadbent. 7:15 6:45 The 7:10 8am MS PG 12:37 Benc h warm ers2 – Breaking BallsMLSC 8:05 8:55 8:25 MC 201 9 Com edy. Ch risKlein,Jon Lovitz. 201 9 Sc i- fi. Justin Long ,Donald Faison. 10:25 11:20 MVL PGL 9:15 9:40 10:25 11:10 Noon 12:30 1pm 4:05 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm MV 2:10 Th e Wave 16VLSC 12:10 MVC MV MV 1:50 3:40 Into Th e Ash es16VLSC 2:40 3:35 201 9 Th r iller . Lu ke Gr im es, Rob er tTaylor . MLS M ean M ums,8:30pm o n T hree 4:30 5:25 6:30 5:20 Th e Mustang 201 9 Dram a. Matth iasSc h oenaerts, Br u c e Der n. 16VLC MLS MVC Sky Sport 1 MLSC SKY 51 7pm 7:30 7pm 6am GuinnessPr­o14 Weekly Highlights Mitre 1 0 Cup Rug b y Nation 7pm Ric h ard SaysGoodb ye MLS Hig h lig h tsand analysisof­th e latestr u g b y ac tion. 201 8 Com edy Dram a. After being diag nosed w ith a term inalillnes­s,abuttonedd­ow n university lec turer starts living h isfinalsix­m onth sw ith a rec klessaband­on. Joh nny Dep p , Rosem arie DeWitt. 16LSC With LizaTarbuc­k,SusanCalm an, SandiToksv­ig ,and Alan Davies. PG 7:30 (HLS) 7am Autum n NationsCup (DLY) Otag o v Nor th land. From Forsyth Barr Stadium , Dunedin. 8pm Would I Lie To You? PG MVL Sc otland v Geor g ia. From Murrayfiel­d. 7pm 7:30 With g uestsRh od Gilbert,Jam ie Lang ,Trac y-Ann Oberm an,and ClaudiaWin­klem an. MC MV Life 9am Mitre 1 0 Cup 8pm 8:30 (RPL) Adventure Bound Misg uided 8pm Mitre 1 0 Cup (HLS) Th e team ar e asked to investig ate b y th e LA c or oner w h en a b ody tied to a navy trac king -system exp erim entg oes m issing from th e m org ue. Tasm an v South land. From Trafalg ar Park,Nelson. Tasm an v South land. Fr om Tr afalg ar Par k,Nelson. 8:35 Heartb eatPG An im p rovised c om edy sh ow . 8:30 Ash es In Th e Snow MVLSC Acatburgla­rtargetsth­e w ealth iesth om esin th e distric t; Car olc atc h es th e eye ofa dash ing visitor;Peg g y p lays m atc h m aker for David. 9pm 9:30 10pm 11am Taste For Life Th e South Today Ch ic k’sWorld Eng land v Barb arians(RPL) 201 8 Dram a. During Stalin’s dism antling ofth e Baltic reg ion, a teenag ed g ir l’s u nsh akab le h op e and p assion for ar tb r eaks th e silenc e ofh istor y. BelPow ley, Lisa Loven Kong sli. 8:30 9:30 Th e Breakdown Frenc h Top 1 4 Hig h lig h ts Sh ow Rug b y Nation Six NationsRev­iew Sh ow French Top 14 Hig h lig h ts Sh ow Six Nations(HLS) From Tw ic kenh am ,London. 1pm Mitre 1 0 Cup (RPL) 8:30 72 Dang erous Plac esTo Live A lifestyle-travelseri­esfor th e adventurou­sw om an. North Harbour vAuckland. From North Harbour Stadium . 10pm 11pm Midnight Seriesabou­th azardous p lac es to live. MVC 10:30 11pm 11:30 Midnight 12:30 1am 1:30 2am 2:30 3am 4am 5:30 KickOff! JourneysIn Tim e Th e Greats Eurom axx World Stories Foc usOn Europ e Eurom axx Th e Day Eurom axx South ern Attrac tions In Foc us Ag enda In Good Sh ap e 9:30 Stic ks& StonesMLC 3pm Rug b y Nation 9:30 10:30 11:15 12:05 12:55 1:20 1:40 2:05 2:50 Th e Cop s NCIS – LA NCIS Survivor – Cam b odiaPG Wh eelOfFortu­ne Jeop ardy! Th e Forc e Th e Cop s 72 Dang erousPlac es To Live NCIS Hard c ore Pawn NCIS – LA Th e Sim p sonsPG Th om asfinally tellsh isbossCh ris Carter th ath e isbeing bullied, leading to an em otionaland sh oc king finalsh ow dow n. MV MV Hig h lig h tsand analysisof­th e latestr u g b y ac tion. 10:10 BirdsOfPre­y 16VLSC 2020 Ac tion. Mar g otRob b ie, EwanMcGreg­or. 12:30 4pm MV Guinness Pro 1 4 (RPL) Ir eland v Italy. From AvivaStadi­um ,Dublin, Ir eland . Benetton v Sc ar let. From Stadio Com unale diMinig o, Tr eviso. Midnight Th e Op erative 16VLSC 10:25 11:15 12:55 1:55 2:30 Fath er Brown Midsom er MurdersMVC Qi Qi Would I Lie To You? Wh o Do You Th ink You Are?PG Heartb eat Stic ks& Stones Fath er Brown Death In Paradise PG 201 9 Th r iller . Diane Kr u g er , Mar tin Fr eem an. 201 9 Sc i- fi. Ju stin Long , Donald Faison. 201 9 Th r iller . Luke Grim es,RobertTayl­or. 201 9 Dram a. Matth iasSc h oenaerts, Br u c e Der n. 1:55 Th e Wave 1am Farah Palm er Cup (RPL) 1:25 6pm Mitre 1 0 Cup MLSC MLS MC MV (HLS) 16VLSC Sem i-final– Canterbury v Auc kland. 3:20 Into Th e Haw ke’sBay v Manaw atu. Fr om Mc Lean Par k,Nap ier . Ash es16VLSC PG 4:30 3am Farah Palm er Cup 3:30 3:40 6:30 Mitre 1 0 Cup MVC MV PGL (HLS) 4:55 Sem i-final– Waikato v Manaw atu. Th e Mustang (RPL) 4:20 5:10 5:55 4:25 4:50 5:35 16VLC Waikato v Tar anaki. From FMGStadium Waikato, Ham ilton. PG MLC MV PG MV New s b u lletins and c lip s availab le on dem and atw w w .c h annel39.c o.nz 5am Rug b y Nation Classifica­tions: Closed Cap tions; Maori lang uag e; Rep eat;HLS Hig h lig h ts;RPL Rep lay;DLY Delayed. Ap p roved for p ersons 1 6 years or over;18 Ap p roved for p ersons 1 8 years or over; Contentm ay offend;L Lang uag e m ay offend;M Suitab le for m ature audienc es;PG Parentalg uidanc e rec om m ended for young viewers;S Sexualc ontentm ay offend;V Contains violenc e. 16 0 2 3 metservice.com | Compiled by C