Otago Daily Times : 2020-10-27

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Thursday,October 29 TVNZ 1 TVNZ 2 Three Prime Maori Choice freeview 1 SKY 1 freeview 2 SKY 2 freeview 3 SKY 3 freeview 10 SKY 4 freeview 5 SKY 19 freeview 12 SKY 24 6am 9am 10am 11:35 6:35 6:50 7am 8am 6am 6:30 The AM Show The Café Infomercia­ls Face The Truth Pipi Ma Takaro Trib e Waiata Mai Te Ao Tapatahi Tamariki Haka Nutub e ZooMoo Darwin + Newts Purakau Paia Whanau Bakeoff Iwi Anthems Whanau Living NgaTangata­Taumata Rau Funny Whare – Gamesnight It’s In The Bag Ko Au Te Awa, Ko Te AwaKo Au Ako Toku Reo Korero Road To The Nats Te ManaKurata­hi Wiki Ha Pipi Ma Takaro Trib e Waiata Mai Tamariki Haka Te Nutub e ZooMoo Darwin + Newts Purakau Paia Te Ao Marama Colonial Comb at The Placeb o Experiment – Can My Brain Cure My Body? Nigella Bites Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals Great Blue Wild Discoverin­g... Before And After Mysteries At The Museum Salvage Hunters Forged In Fire Alone – Million Dollar Challenge Travel Man – 48 Hours In Into The Wild – India Jamie And Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Mysteries At The Museum 6am 6:25 6:50 6am 9am 6:30 6:50 7am 7:25 7:50 8:15 8:35 9am 10am 10:30 11am Noon Ben 10 – Alien Force The Loud House Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtl­es 10 – Ultimate Alien Doub le Dare Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, And Dawn Batman – The Animated Series A Place In The Sun The Doctors Hot Bench Endeavour Married… With Children Breakfast The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point The Chase 1 News At Midday Emmerdale Coronation Street 2020 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point Te Karere Beat The Chef The Chase 1 News At 6pm Seven Sharp The World’s Most Extraordin­ary Homes Sue Perkins - Along The U.S - Mexico Border Coronation Street 2020 Esme And Roy Code Fun New Looney Tunes Ben 10 Bunnicula Rainb ow Rangers Moon & Me Infomercia­l Neighb ours Murphy Brown Grey’s Anatomy Come Dine With Me Couples Judge Rinder The Middle Home And Away Shortland Street Bluey Power Rangers Beast Morphers Brain Busters Friends The Simpsons Neighb ours Home And Away Shortland Street New - Police Ten 7 Booze Patrol Australian Survivor All Stars 30 30 0 0 PG 3 0 7am 7:30 8am 9am 10am 10:30 0 0 8:10 10am 11am Noon 12:30 1pm Te 7:15 PG Ben 3 0 0 30 8:20 (Part 1) Candie says her successful body-builder husband is a steroid addict. He insists her accusation­s are lies. 0 0 30 30 8:30 8:40 8:50 9am 10am 10:30 11am Noon 7:40 8:05 0 0 0 3 PGV 0 3 8:30 30 12:05 9:30 Dr Phil Ki 9am 10am PG PG 0 0 3 3 3 30 3 PGC 2pm Tua PG PG Mike has a beautiful home, a fiancée, two children, and an opioid addiction. 0 0 11:30 12:30 1:30 PGC 0 3 PGC 3pm 4pm 4:30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 11am 11:30 1:30 PGC MVS 0 1:05 Pregnant At 17 PG 0 3 3 30 PGCV M 1pm 2pm 2:30 3pm 3:30 3:40 12:30 2016 Drama. A wife discovers her husband’s teenaged mistress is pregnant, and seeks to help her. Josie Bissett, Zoé De Grand Maison, Roark Critchlow. PG 0 3pm 3:30 4:30 1pm PG 0 0 3 1:30 3pm 2pm The Late Show With Stephen Colb ert Wheel Of Fortune Jeopardy American Pickers Frasier Prime News American Restoratio­n Women’s Rugb y – Farah Palmer Cup The Crowd Goes Wild The Diagnosis Detectives 0 0 0 32 PGVL 2pm 0 PG 32 3 3:30 3pm 3:30 4pm 5pm 5:30 6pm 6:30 Mai 0 3 3 5:30 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:05 5:20 5:30 5:40 5:50 6pm 6:10 6:20 6:30 7:30 0 3 0 0 3 Don Wildman unearths relics from the world’s greatest institutio­ns to reveal secrets from the past, examining each artefact to illuminate the hidden treasures. PGC 8:35 PG 3pm 4pm Bondi Vet The Fishing Show Classics 0 PGC 4pm 4:30 5pm 6pm 6:30 7pm 7:30 8pm 8:30 PG 0 0 30 9:45 0 PG 3 0 PG PG 4:30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 NewsHub Live At 4:30pm Millionair­e Hot Seat NewsHub Live At 6pm The Project Ultimate Tag 0 0 30 10:45 11:15 12:15 1 News Tonight 20/20 Rich House, Poor House Te Karere Infomercia­l Te Karere 0 0 0 PG PG 0 0 0 0 (HLS) 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 Salvage Hunters Turquoise Fever Supercar Megab uild The Misadventu­res Of Romesh Ranganatha­n Salvage Hunters Mysteries At The Museum 7pm 7:30 PGCL 0 PG 3 1:10 1:35 5:35 0 A physical competitio­n based on the classic playground game of tag, co-hosted by NFL superstar siblings JJ, TJ, and Derek Watt. A man with a life-threatenin­g skin condition needs a diagnosis; the medical team help a mother with complex symptoms that have led her to needing to use a feeding tube. PGC 3 MCL ML 0 10:30 11:30 10:10 11:10 11:45 12:35 1:25 1:50 2:50 4:40 5:05 5:30 First Dates Hotel New - Police Ten 7 Emergence Gotham Shortland Street Infomercia­l 2 Overnight Emmerdale Neighb ours Infomercia­l ML 0 0 M 0 8:30 9pm 7 Days Best Of The Graham Norton Show The Stand Up Sketch Show Tuwhare is sick oflosing to Kingi, and promises to enlist the help of a dangerous new fighter; Felton is onto Raukura, but she beats him at his own game. 16LC Don Wildman unearths relics from the world’s greatest institutio­ns to reveal secrets from the past, examining each artefact to illuminate the hidden treasures. PGC M0 16V 0 0 8:35 Shakespear­e And Hathaway – Private Investigat­ors M 30 PG 0 10pm 16 MV 7:45 7:55 8pm 8:30 9pm 9:30 10pm Rediscover­ing AotearoaPG Te Awe Waiata Nation Life Of Kai The Barb er 2 Takes A Village Senior KapaHaka Regionals Rere Te Whiu Timoti’s Travels Closedown Routines by renowned and upcoming comedians are brought to life in sketch form. When the mayor ofArden is found murdered by a blunt object, Detective Inspector Marlow’s prime suspect is local criminal Billy the Brick. PG 0 0 12:30 Jamie And Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Before And After Famous And Fighting Into The Wild – India The Misadventu­res Of Romesh Ranganatha­n Mysteries At The Museum 0 3 10:35 11:05 NewsHub Late Blue Bloods 1:30 2am 3am 4am M PG M N MCL 10:35 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away Special The Late Show With Stephen Colb ert The Crowd Goes Wild Closedown Danny contemplat­es retiring until Erin asks him to help her with a case involving her former husband; Jamie and Eddie go undercover as a couple. Movies Premiere Channel 39 16VL freeview 39 terrestria­l Dunedin & Invercargi­ll SKY 30 11:35 3 7:30 Mary Queen Of Scots 10:30 11pm 11:30 MCL MLC PG 3 3 6am Made In Germany The 2018 Drama. On the death ofher husband, the King of France, Mary Stuart seeks to stake her claim to the English throne, threatenin­g the reign ofElizabet­h I. Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie. 16VC 5am 12:35 1:05 0 3 business magazine. A show for preschoole­rs with games, stories, songs, dancing and activities. Midnight Infomercia­ls PGC 6:30 Tiki Tour Sky 5 UKTV SKY5 SKY 7 6am 6:25 6am 6:55 Jeopardy! Wheel Of Fortune The Simpsons Survivor – Camb odiaPG The Force Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away Hardcore Pawn NCIS– LA NCIS Survivor – Camb odiaPG Jeopardy! Wheel Of Fortune CSI Criminal Minds NCIS – LA Survivor – Camb odiaPG The Simpsons Jeopardy! Wheel Of Fortune Hardcore Pawn Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away The Force NCIS – LA Death In Paradise Eastenders Graham Norton Show The Bill DCI Banks Death In Paradise Grantchest­er Midsomer Murders The Bill London Kills 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown The Graham Norton Show Who Do You Think You MV 7am 7:30 10am 10:30 11am 11:30 Noon 12:30 1pm 1:30 2pm The Moe Show Southern Attraction­s Green Matters Think Green Eco Adventures Kick Off! The Hamilton Live PopXport Talking Pictures Euromaxx National Geographic – 6:45 7:20 The PG PG 7:10 8am MLC 9:35 Lying And Stealing 16LSC 8:25 8:10 8:55 10:25 11:20 MC MVC 2019 Thriller. Theo James, Emily Ratajkowsk­i. 2019 Drama. NicholasHo­ult, Lily Collins. 2018 Drama. Liv Hill, Sinead Matthews. MVL PGL MVLC MV 9:15 9:40 10:25 11:17 Tolkien MV 12:10 1:50 MV MV MVL M 11:10 Noon 2:40 MVC 1:10 Jellyfish 16LSC 3:35 PG 12:25 12:50 M 2:55 The Forgiven 16VLSC The Misadventu­res Of Romesh Ranganatha­n,9:30pm on Choice 1:40 2:25 4:30 5:25 MV 16VS 2017 Thriller. Forest Whitaker, Eric Bana. MV PG Sky Sport 1 Live 3:10 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm Are? Qi Eastenders Qi PG SKY 51 2:30 3pm 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm 7pm 7:30 8pm 8:30 9pm 9:30 10pm 10:30 11pm 11:30 Midnight 12:30 1am 1:30 2am 2:30 3am 4am 4:30 5am Cars TV Southern Attraction­s World Of Wildlife ChinaNow Euromaxx The South Today Southern Attraction­s The South Today Classic Restos A-Z Of Motorsport Low Gear Bumper 2 Bumper The South Today Low Gear Drive It! Motor Week Blokesworl­d Euromaxx World Stories Focus On Europe Glob al 3000 The Day Euromaxx Southern Attraction­s In Focus Motor Week National Geographic – Live 4:55 Fisherman’s Friends MLSC 6:30 7pm 7:30 PG MSC 7am Mitre 10 Cup From Twickenham, London. (HLS) 2019 Comedy. Daniel Mays, James Purefoy. PG 2pm North Harbour v Auckland. From North Harbour Stadium. Autumn Nations Cup (HLS) MLS Scotland v Georgia. 6:50 Never Grow Old 16VLC With Jason Manford, Aisling Bea, Johnny Vegas, and Alan Davies. PG 7:30 Guinness Pro14 Weekly Highlights Pacific Brothers 2:30 Six Nations (HLS) 2019 Western. Emile Hirsch, John Cusack. France v Wales. 8pm Would I Lie To You? MVL PG 8am 3pm 4pm The Breakdown Sir Michael Jones 8:30 Like A Boss 2020 Comedy. Mia and Mel’s friendship is tested when their cosmetics company is offered a tempting buyout by a makeup mogul. Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne. 16LSC 7pm 7:30 With guests Jason Watkins, Adam Woodyatt, Dr Maggie AdeinPococ­k, and Phil Wang. MC MV Hosted by Oscar Kightley, rugby issues seen through a Pacific lens. L Cup Southside Rising v East Toa Moana. Sam goes undercover in a prison to investigat­e a secretive terror group. 8:30 Hypothetic­al MLS 8:30 9am Skipper Cup Mitre 10 Cup (HLS) (HLS) 6pm Sir Michael Jones Comedians are posed increasing­ly absurd hypothetic­al situations, and scored on how well they would deal. Guests include Katherine Ryan, John Robins, Ivo Graham, and Cariad Lloyd. L Cup Central Kings v West Rangers. 8:30 NCIS – LA MV Hawke’s Bay v Manawatu. From McLean Park, Napier. Callen and Sam pose as businessme­n to find an engineer attempting to sell schematics for a new missile destroyer; Deeks plans a surprise for Kensi. 10pm A Dog’s Way Home 8pm 9pm Mainfreigh­t Rugb y Autumn Nations Cup 9:30 Mitre 10 Cup (HLS) 2019 Family. Bryce DallasHowa­rd, Ashley Judd. PG Bay ofPlenty v Canterbury. From Tauranga Domain. Scotland v Georgia. From Murrayfiel­d. (RPL) 9:25 The Jonathan Ross Show – Special Guests Fawlty Towers Sticks & Stones Midsomer Murders Qi Qi Would I Lie To You? Who Do You Think You Are? Hypothetic­al The Jonathan Ross Show – Special Guests Holb y City 10am Getting Grilled With Marshy The Breakdown Six Nations Review Show Farah Palmer Cup 11:35 The Gentlemen 11pm England v Barb arians 9:30 10:30 11:15 12:05 12:55 1:20 1:40 Hawaii Five-0 NCIS – LA NCIS Survivor – Camb odiaPG Wheel Of Fortune Jeopardy! The Force Hawaii Five-0 NCIS – LA NCIS Hardcore Pawn NCIS – LA The Simpsons MV MV M PG MLC M Ryan Fox. 2019 Action. Matthew McConaughe­y, Hugh Grant. 16VLSC From Twickenham, London. (RPL) 10pm 10:35 11:25 1:05 2:05 2:40 10:30 11:30 12:30 1am 2am The Breakdown Farah Palmer Cup Show MV (HLS) 1:28 Hometown Hero 2017 Romantic Comedy. Brooke Nevin, Jake Sandvig. M (HLS) 1:35 Semi-final – Canterbury v Auckland. MSC MLS 2:30 3:30 Mainfreigh­t Rugb y French Top 14 Highlights Show Mitre 10 Cup PG 2:51 The 2:05 1pm Pacific Brothers MC Forgiven 2017 Thriller. Forest Whitaker, Eric Bana. 16VLSC 3:40 2:55 4:25 4:50 Hosted by Oscar Kightley, rugby issues seen through a Pacific lens. PG MLS MV MV 4am (RPL) 3:40 4:25 4:51 MV Fisherman’s Friends MLSC Tasman v Southland. From Trafalgar Park, Nelson. 2019 Comedy. Daniel Mays, James Purefoy. PGL MV M MC News bulletins and clips available on demand at www.channel39.co.nz 1:30 5:35 5am England v Barb arians (HLS) PG Classifica­tions: Closed Captions; Maori language; Repeat; Highlights; Replay; Delayed. Approved for persons 16 years or over; Approved for persons 18 years or over; Content may offend; Language may offend; Suitab le for mature audiences; Parental guidance recommende­d for young viewers; Sexual content may offend; Contains violence. HLS RPL DLY 16 18 0 2 3 metservice.com | Compiled by C L M PG S V