Otago Daily Times

Va­p­ing laws


I vaped for six months this year and felt it was worse than smok­ing, health­wise. — Sh­eryl Locke

Should have been like that from the get­go, to be hon­est. It might be “bet­ter” than smok­ing but it was never said to be harm­less. — Carl Sagstad

Des­per­ately needed. So sad to see how many of our youth are pick­ing up a nico­tine ad­dic­tion. — An­gela Phillips

Should not be dis­played at all. Cig­a­rettes can’t be put on dis­play so why is this rub­bish al­lowed to be? — Rex Fraser

Good move. Al­co­hol should be the same as it de­stroys even more lives. — Craig Pre­ston

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