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Ford’s well­trav­elled van gets fit­ted for bat­ter­ies

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es­ti­mated range of 200km per charge and a start­ing price of $US45,000 — is sched­uled for re­lease in late 2021 for model­year 2022.

Ford es­ti­mates the E­Tran­sit could cost own­ers 40% less over the ve­hi­cle's life­time com­pared to a petrol­pow­ered Tran­sit, and notes that hav­ing 90% fewer com­po­nents means likely sav­ings on re­pairs.

‘‘Com­mer­cial and re­tail (cus­tomers) are dif­fer­ent,’’ Ted Can­nis, gen­eral manager of Ford’s North Amer­i­can com­mer­cial busi­ness, said. ‘‘In re­tail land, we buy it be­cause we might use it.’’

Not so with com­mer­cial cus­tomers: ‘‘They use math and data to get their busi­ness more ef­fi­cient, more ef­fec­tive for cus­tomers, and that’s a big dif­fer­ence there. So when they’re mak­ing this de­ci­sion on the electric side, they’re mak­ing a to­tal cost­of­own­er­ship de­ci­sion.’’

Ford chief ex­ec­u­tive Jim Far­ley has touted the growth po­ten­tial of ex­pand­ing the ser­vices the car maker of­fers to cus­tomers, creat­ing new rev­enue streams from data­driven ser­vices that cus­tomers pur­chase on a sub­scrip­tion ba­sis.

The E­Tran­sit will of­fer cus­tomers a slew of soft­ware and data­driven ser­vices to help them bet­ter man­age their fleets, in­di­vid­ual ve­hi­cles and driv­ers.

The electric van also comes with the op­tion for an on­board gen­er­a­tor that pro­vides up to 2.4 kilo­watts of power.

Ford stud­ied 50 mil­lion telem­at­ics kilo­me­tres to de­cide on the bat­tery ca­pac­ity for the E­Tran­sit. They found the av­er­age van cus­tomer trav­els about 120km per day. The bat­tery range will de­pend on the pay­load and con­fig­u­ra­tion.

The max­i­mum pay­load for the cargo van is 1700kg, and for the chas­sis and cut­away ver­sions is up to two tonnes.

There will be three roof heights and three body lengths, and dif­fer­ent cargo, cut­away and chas­sis ver­sions. — TCA

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