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27 Otago Daily Times Saturday, November 21, 2020 @ OPINION IAN FOSTER TODAY is Saturday, November 21, the 326th day of 2020. There are 40 days left in the year. Highlights in history on this date: — Thomas Edison announces the invention of the phonograph in the United States. — Albert Einstein’s paper that leads to the mass­energy equivalenc­e formula E=mc2 is published in the journal It is what it is but also it isn’t what it isn’t and what it isn’t is that it’s not my fault. We’re all hurting. You should see the state of some of the boys. I called them up this week, and I said to them, ‘‘Gidday,’’ I said, ‘‘it’s old mate Fozzy here,’’ but some of them couldn’t find the words and they just grunted in a fairly non­committal way. Some of them didn’t even do that. It was just silence. In fact quite a lot of the time I just went straight through to voicemail. We came to the game prepared. I sent out the tactics as a Microsoft Excel spreadshee­t available on PDF, but also on Jpeg, Tif, and Google Doc. And so we weren’t short of tactics and we weren’t short of files but sometimes files are incompatib­le with the mobile phones the boys use and we’re going to have to sort out our IT side of the game and I’m confident we can do that with some extra tuition. We’ve lost two games back to back and it’s not up to me to find out the last time that happened but it probably wasn’t that long ago and while I wouldn’t exactly say I was relaxed about it I also wouldn’t say that I’m feeling the pressure. This role always comes with pressure so what I feel right now is disappoint­ment. But that’s nothing new, either. I’ve felt disappoint­ment many, many times before as a Super Rugby coach and in some respects I think that’s what I bring to the role as All Blacks coach. A sense of disappoint­ment. And that’s something you can’t measure. We’ve got seven days to turn this around. I think what happened last weekend is that we saw a team who everyone said their disadvanta­ge was that they hadn’t played a lot of rugby. 1877 1905 Annalen der Physik. — Underwater mines laid by the German submarine SM sink HMHS the largest ship lost in World War 1. — A United Auto Workers strike shuts down 92 General Motors plants in 50 cities as workers demand a 30% wage increase. — The British Museum publishes a scientific report proving the Piltdown Man discovery by Charles Dawson in 1912 is a hoax. — In a referendum, Dunedin voters reject fluoridati­on of the city’s water supply by a wide margin. — The New Zealand dollar is devalued by almost 20% to make exports more affordable and to gain parity with Australia. — Round­the­world solo yachtsman Robin Knox­Johnston runs aground off the heads of Otago Harbour. He completed his journey at Falmouth on April 22, 1969, becoming the first to circumnavi­gate the earth solo, taking 312 days. — US president Richard Nixon’s attorney, J. Fred Buzhardt, reveals the existence of an 181⁄2­minute gap in one of the White House tape recordings relating to Watergate. — The Birmingham pub bombings which kill 21 people occur. The Birmingham Six are later sentenced to life in prison for the crime but are subsequent­ly acquitted. — becomes New Zealand’s national anthem, holding equal status with an estimated 3000 people are believed to have perished in a cyclone that strikes southeaste­rn India — entire villages are submerged by tsunamis. — Dunedin’s new public library in Moray Pl 1916 U­73 Britannic, 1945 1953 (Eoanthropu­s dawsoni) 1959 1967 1968 questioned in the public, people’s opinions that really matter to me are my teammates and my coaches, who I work with every single day. And so I can bowl up to Beaudy and say, ‘‘What’s your opinion of me, mate?’’, and he’ll say, ‘‘Yeah all good eh, what’s your opinion of me?’’, and I’ll say to him, ‘‘Yeah all good’’, and that’s the kind of honest and rigorous assessment that goes on. And Fozzy, I know Fozzy’s there for me. He’s been calling all week. Someone needs to tell him that noone listens to recorded messages anymore. But the fans don’t see that. They may know the game from what they In fact it meant they came in here with massive energy and desire to prove something for their country that has gone through a heck of a hard time. And so now their advantage is they’ve had a big win and that will give them massive energy and desire, whereas we’re coming from a place of shame and defeat, but it’s only the bloody Pumas. We’ll smash them. 1973 1974 1977 God Defend New Zealand God Save the Queen; SAM CANE The fans want to find fault because that’s the way it goes with a howling, uninformed mob but the people who really know the score know that it’s not my fault. To me, if I’m having my leadership 1981 opens. — The jury in the third trial of John Barlow finds him guilty of the murders of Gene and Eugene Thomas. — US president George W. Bush ends his three­day state visit to Britain, sealing the UK­US alliance with fish and chips at Prime Minister Tony Blair’s neighbourh­ood pub. — Mt Tongariro erupts for the second time in just over three months, sending a thick grey plume of smoke and ash 4km into the sky from the Te Maari vent. The eruption was followed by 15 minutes of volcanic activity. Scientists predicted another eruption in the coming weeks but did not expect it to escalate. — An Alpine Adventures seven­seater Squirrel helicopter crashes into Fox Glacier, killing all six passengers and the local pilot. — With the Clutha River hitting its highest level since 1999, Clutha mayor Bryan Cadogan takes aim at those flouting flood­safety signage, branding them ‘‘galoots’’ after four people in three separate incidents had to be rescued from their vehicles when they ignored road­closure signs because of flooding. 1995 2003 Within living memory . . . 2012 2015 2018 Today’s birthdays Thomas King, New Zealand politician/business manager (1821­93); Leonard Delabere Bestall, New Zealand architect/museum director (1895­1959); Margaret Dalziel, New Zealand academic (1916­2003); Peter Mulgrew, New Zealand mountainee­r/ sailor/businessma­n (1927­79); Goldie Hawn, US actress (1945­); Daniel Guichard, French singer/songwriter (1948­); Geoffrey Jukes, New Zealand sport shooter (1950­); Lorna Luft, US actress/singer (1952­); Cynthia Rhodes, US actress (1956­); Nicollette Sheridan, British­born US actress (1963­); Icelandic singer/songwriter (1965­); All Black (1969­); Jena Malone, US actress (1984­); Carly Rae Jepsen, Canadian singer/songwriter (1985­); Aaron Smith, All Black (1988­). Jillian Bain, an 8­year­old Outram schoolgirl, is an internatio­nal artist. A watercolou­r painting by her gained a place in the Young Artist of the Commonweal­th contest in 1980 which attracted entries from most Commonweal­th countries. Jillian’s painting, entitled was displayed in London, Scotland and even the Zimbabwe National Gallery in Salisbury. Jillian puts the finishing touches to a similar painting to her ‘‘masterpiec­e’’ as classmates look on. Bjork, Jamie Joseph, Giant Rooster, Quote of the day ‘‘Indeed, history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and misfortune­s.’’ — Voltaire (FrancoisMa­rie Arouet), French writer/historian/philosophe­r who was born on this day in 1694. He died in 1778 aged 83. ODT and agencies µ