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When they were lit­tle it was easy. You held up a blue sweat­shirt and a red one and said, “Choose which one you’d like to wear”. It was easy to let them make the choice be­cause you’d al­ready made sure the out­come would be ok.

But as they get older things aren’t so sim­ple. The choices turn into big­ger ones like; “Do I look at that web­site? Do I get in that car?”

Par­ents re­main an im­por­tant voice when it comes to help­ing chil­dren make the right choices, but as they ap­proach their teenage years, there are many other voices com­pet­ing for their at­ten­tion. Voices that say, “Don’t worry, just try it” or “You don’t have to tell any­one”.

That’s where At­ti­tude – the youth di­vi­sion of The Par­ent­ing Place – comes into the equa­tion. Our pre­sen­ters go into high schools all over New Zealand with a strong, pos­i­tive voice, equip­ping young peo­ple with pos­i­tive mes­sages to help them make the right choice. “Ac­tu­ally, no. I’m not com­fort­able with this” and “I can do bet­ter than this”. We’ve been do­ing this for 18 years. Last year our pre­sen­ters spoke to 240,000 young peo­ple in 92 per­cent of New Zealand high schools.

We know that At­ti­tude changes lives and the fright­en­ing statis­tics show our young peo­ple are at risk, but we need your help. Due to the limited health bud­gets pro­vided to schools, we need dona­tions so that we can con­tinue go­ing into schools with th­ese pos­i­tive mes­sages. It costs ap­prox­i­mately $395 to de­liver an At­ti­tude pre­sen­ta­tion to 125 stu­dents. On av­er­age we re­ceive only $87 from schools for each pre­sen­ta­tion.

Please do­nate to help our young peo­ple make the right choices that will lead to a pos­i­tive fu­ture.

From the team at The Par­ent­ing Place

In 2012 rep­re­sen­ta­tive sam­ples of New Zealand sec­ondary school stu­dents com­pleted an anony­mous com­pre­hen­sive health and well­be­ing sur­vey ( Youth 2000 se­ries*). The re­sults from th­ese sur­veys give the most com­pre­hen­sive, ac­cu­rate and up-to- date in­for­ma­tion about is­sues fac­ing young peo­ple in Aotearoa. Wor­ry­ingly, statis­tics show high num­bers of young peo­ple who are emo­tion­ally dis­tressed, bul­lied, over­weight, us­ing con­tra­cep­tion in­con­sis­tently and/or ex­posed to vi­o­lence.

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