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1 the holly and the ivy

How to: We painted card­board in green, pink and or­ange (see colours be­low) and then used a cir­cle punch to make the berries and made our own tem­plate for the holly. Us­ing a ma­chine, we sewed two holly shapes to­gether ver­ti­cally, in­ter­spers­ing them with berries of each colour.

2 sack­cloth and rib­bon

How to: We cut lengths of hes­sian into 12cm strips and frayed the edges. Us­ing an em­broi­dery nee­dle threaded with string and a gen­er­ous run­ning stitich, we gath­ered the hes­sian into folds and added colour­ful rib­bon bows at the seams where strips were joined to­gether.

3 my heart on a string

How to: We painted card­board pink on one side and bronze on the other and cut into 15cm x 3 cm strips. To cre­ate the hearts we sta­pled two strips to­gether at one end, then folded them back on each other and sta­pled a new pair to­gether in an up­side down V shape. Keep re­peat­ing the process.

4 loop the loop

How to: This one is sim­ple, but ef­fec­tive. Cut pipe clean­ers in half and twist into loops, then join to­gether with glit­tery washi tape.

brighten up rooms with gar­lands for christ­mas C be­yond

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