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I got to tick an item off my bucket list with this is­sue and it worked out just how I hoped it would.

Hold­ing a backyard movie night is some­thing I've planned to do for sev­eral years and sim­ply never got around to it. But it seemed the per­fect event for this time of year. Af­ter much de­lib­er­a­tion we set­tled on a screen­ing of The Lego Movie. The chil­dren in­vited a few friends around, we cooked hot­dogs and pop­corn, set up a screen and pro­jec­tor and then waited for the sun to go down (it turned out to be a later night than planned). You can find out more on page 40.

It was the per­fect break from go­ing over sta­tionery lists and bat­tling co­v­er­seal as we get ready to go back to school.

This is­sue has a strong back to school - or kindy, or day­care - theme to it. New en­trant teacher Stacy Mcivor gives us her tips on get­ting a child ready to start school and we've got tips for get­ting through all those equip­ment lists for the year with­out break­ing the bud­get.

My chal­lenge for the year is to keep the lunch­boxes full of in­ter­est­ing and nu­tri­tious food. Luck­ily I've got some help from nu­tri­tion ex­pert Claire Turn­bull. Turn to page 48. Happy read­ing and en­joy this brand new year, As al­ways, I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on Par­ent­ing. Drop me a line at edi­tor@the­p­ar­ent­ing­place.com

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