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Strat­egy games for all ages

Black Fleet

Live the life of an in­flu­en­tial mer­chant or a dreaded pirate dur­ing the golden age of piracy. Swash­buckle your way across the Caribbean and res­cue the gover­nor’s daugh­ter from the Black Fleet or com­pete with other pi­rates to amass the most riches by loot­ing ships. Hoist the sails, and seek glory and for­tune on the Caribbean seas!

The Gover­nor’s daugh­ter has been kid­napped by pi­rates and you com­mand a flotilla of ships rais­ing money to pay the ran­som. On each turn you move your ships. Mer­chant ships earn dou­bloons by trans­port­ing goods, pirate ships can steal goods from other mer­chants, and navy ships can sink other player’s ships. Who­ever is the first to earn enough dou­bloons to pay the ran­som wins the game. The com­po­nents of this game re­ally stand out, from the com­i­cal cards to dou­bloons made of metal. Black Fleet is an easy game to set up and takes 60 min­utes to play. Suit­able for 3-4 play­ers aged 8 to adult.


Dur­ing three cam­paigns, play­ers take the role of pirate cap­tains loot­ing ships to ac­quire the most trea­sure. In each cam­paign you se­cretly se­lect crew mem­bers (char­ac­ter cards which have spe­cial abil­i­ties) to board the mer­chant ship in or­der to try and get a share of the booty. The art­work on the cards and board per­fectly cap­tures the at­mos­phere of the pirate theme. Lib­er­talia takes about 45 min­utes to play. Suit­able for 2-6 play­ers aged 10 to adult.

Mer­chants and Ma­raud­ers

In Mer­chants and Mau­raders you choose to be an in­flu­en­tial mer­chant or a pirate. Dur­ing the game, play­ers mod­ify and up­grade their ship, buy ves­sels and hire spe­cialty crew mem­bers, earn­ing money through trade or by plun­der­ing mer­chant ships. The win­ner is the player who gains the most glory. Mer­chant and Ma­raud­ers fea­tures a gor­geous map of the Caribbean, minia­ture ships and won­der­fully il­lus­trated cards. Mer­chants and Ma­raud­ers is a long game, tak­ing about three hours to play. Suit­able for 2-4 play­ers aged 12 to adult.

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