Take on the role of the king’s he­roes and de­fend the realm. Or col­lect trea­sures, then pro­tect your cas­tle against an ad­vanc­ing horde. Th­ese are co­op­er­a­tive games where you must all work to­gether to sur­vive.

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Strat­egy games for all ages

De­fend­ers of the Realm

Play­ers take the role of one of six he­roes of the king­dom - a cleric, pal­adin,

ranger or wiz­ard. You must work to­gether us­ing each of your spe­cial abil­i­ties

to de­fend the citadel in your cap­i­tal city from four gen­er­als and their min­ions.

You all win if the last en­emy unit is de­feated be­fore they reach the citadel.

Play­ers can ven­ture out on their own or work in a group, but work­ing

to­gether, dis­cussing strate­gies and com­bin­ing re­sources is es­sen­tial to win

the game. The ad­vanc­ing armies are large in num­bers and the gen­er­als

them­selves are very pow­er­ful: you are un­likely to sur­vive if you en­gage on

your own. De­fend­ers of the Realm be­comes very ex­cit­ing and in­tense to­wards

the end of the game, as all the play­ers strug­gle with low health and the

min­ions close in on the citadel. De­fend­ers of the Realm is for 1 - 4 play­ers, takes

about two hours to play, and is suit­able for chil­dren as young as 8.

Munchkin Panic

What do you get if you com­bine the ex­cite­ment of Cas­tle Panic and the

hu­mour of Munchkin? - Munchkin Panic. Just like Cas­tle Panic, play­ers work

to­gether trad­ing their cards to de­feat units of an ad­vanc­ing army be­fore

they de­stroy your cas­tle. But in­stead of orcs and gob­lins, it’s now trolls,

geeks and lawyers that are try­ing to tear down your cas­tle walls. Trea­sure

cards are awarded af­ter suc­cess­ful bat­tles, and make your units more

pow­er­ful in fu­ture bat­tles. If any part of the cas­tle re­mains stand­ing af­ter

the last of the ad­vanc­ing horde is de­feated, all the play­ers win. Who­ever

has the most tro­phies is de­clared the Mas­ter Munchkin. Munchkin Panic

is for 1 - 6 play­ers, takes about an hour to play, and is suit­able for chil­dren

as young as 8.

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