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Ev­ery year I set my­self goals around my chil­dren, my house,

my busi­ness, and most im­por­tantly my­self. I ask the im­por­tant

ques­tion, “What one thing can I change to de­velop a bet­ter

re­la­tion­ship with those im­por­tant ar­eas in my life?

Cre­at­ing a big­ger pic­ture about your child’s fu­ture helps you

and them stay fo­cused day-to-day on work­ing to achieve their

am­bi­tions. Take time and thought to write down what you be­lieve

your child can learn this year, and how they can fur­ther de­velop as

young peo­ple.

You can talk with your child’s teacher about what they think

your child needs to achieve as well. Teach­ers are of­ten think­ing

about how to de­velop a wide range of skills in chil­dren - not just

learn­ing skills.

Cre­at­ing your goals to­gether with your child is more ef­fec­tive

than if you do it with­out them, how­ever, you might like to try

set­ting goals for them on your own at first, then shar­ing them

with your child to see what they think.

It is a good idea to dis­play goals some­where you can look at

them reg­u­larly and change them as you achieve them. Keep goals

re­al­is­tic, but still aim high. In­clude your child as much as pos­si­ble.

Your vi­sion of what skills you want to de­velop in your child

will change over time. So be pre­pared to dis­cuss them with your

child reg­u­larly (at least ev­ery term) and change them as they are

achieved, or to adapt them to more ac­cu­rately re­flect your child’s

needs and in­ter­ests.

• Clearly de­scribed and be­liev­able

• Am­bi­tious, ex­cit­ing and im­por­tant

• For the whole child - in­tel­lec­tual, phys­i­cal, emo­tional, spir­i­tual.

Cre­ate goals in all or some of the fol­low­ing ar­eas:

• Mind - ed­u­ca­tion/skills

• Body - sports/fit­ness/health

• Emo­tions - con­trol and ex­pres­sion

• Spirit - moral­ity/be­liefs

Some use­ful ques­tions in­clude:

• What do I want for my child out of life?

• What sort of per­son do I want them to be­come?

• What skills/knowl­edge/tal­ents do I want them to de­velop?

Anne Marsh is the au­thor of Coach­ing Your Chil­dren to be Ex­cel­lent

Stu­dents: A Prac­ti­cal Guide. Find out more at


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