4 WAYS with Christ­mas wrap­ping

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make a scene

How to: Do some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent and cre­ate your

own cus­tom wrap­ping pa­per this Christ­mas. Cre­ate a land­scape by us­ing strips of pa­per – layer one over the other and glue in place. Pop­u­late the land­scape with sim­ple Christ­mas trees and top them off with sparkly stars – a star cut­ter and some glit­tery scrap­book­ing pa­per will do the trick. For some­thing spe­cial, add a

rib­bon and se­cure in place with glue.

a bird in the hand

How to: Fab­ric – Se­lect two con­trast­ing fab­rics. I chose a pat­tern and a bold colour. Cut the fab­ric into squares – mine were 25cm by 25cm (the right size for wrap­ping a smaller gift). Pin the fab­ric to­gether and sew a seam around the out­side, 5cm from the edge. Iron the seams flat and hand stitch the open end closed.

Clay birds – Roll out air-dry­ing clay 5mm thick. Cut out your de­sired shape us­ing a cookie cut­ter. Use a straw to cut a hole out of the clay – this is to run a rib­bon through later. Leave the clay shapes to dry overnight. Once the shapes are dry, paint with Re­sene Blast Grey or sprin­kle with glit­ter to seal the clay, then thread a rib­bon through.

Wrap­ping the gift – The size of the gift is go­ing to dic­tate how you tie the fab­ric. The small square par­cel was tied by putting the box in the cen­tre of the fab­ric, bring­ing the di­ag­o­nal cor­ners to­gether and ty­ing them in a knot. Re­peat with the other two cor­ners, loop­ing the dec­o­ra­tion through the knot and tie it off.

fill your socks

How to: Draw the shape of a Christ­mas stock­ing on two pieces of pa­per and get the kids in­volved us­ing Re­sene paints. Once the paint has dried, put the two sides of the stock­ings to­gether (right side out) and sew a 5mm seam around the edge, leav­ing the top open to fill with good­ies.

christ­mas snowflakes

How to: Se­lect your wrap­ping pa­per (or if you only have brown pa­per at hand, you can dec­o­rate it with with painted polka dots – I used Re­sene Blast Grey and Re­sene Foun­tain Blue). To cre­ate the snowflake, cut an A4 page into a square and then fold it in half four times. Cut dif­fer­ent shapes

out of the folded pa­per, mak­ing sure the over­all piece of pa­per stays in­tact. Un­fold the snowflake, lay it flat and paint it us­ing Re­sene Blue La­goon, Re­sene Rain For­est, Re­sene Sil­ver Alu­minium or Re­sene Blast Grey. Once the paint is dry, place the snowflake on top of the gift and se­cure it in place with a rib­bon, or glue it down and layer with

smaller snowflakes.





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