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The sow­ing of very tiny seeds can be dif­fi­cult. The good news is that there is an easy fix – a home­made seed shaker.


Empty salt or pep­per shaker (or any con­tainer with small holes in the lid)

Pa­per and coloured pens


Fine sand

Cut a strip of pa­per big enough to fit around the shaker. Dec­o­rate the pa­per with coloured pens (this could be a fun ac­tiv­ity for the kids). Spread glue onto the back of the pa­per and roll the con­tainer onto this sticky side, at­tach­ing the pa­per to the shaker. Se­cure the two ends and leave to dry. Once dry, add a hand­ful of fine sand and the con­tents of the seed packet to the con­tainer. Shake to mix. The fine s sand makes the sow­ing of tiny seeds eas­ier, with an even s sow­ing pat­tern.

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