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What is Mother’s Day?

It’s when you celebrate your mum and how she’s been re­ally good to you and stuff. Emily, 10.

It’s a time to celebrate that you have a mum. Goldie, 9.

We re­cruited some fab­u­lous lit­tle peo­ple to share their thoughts about Mother’s Day and why they’re ex­tra big fans of their mums.

It’s when mums have a spe­cial day and some­times get presents. Cal­lum, 8.

What do you love the most about your mum?

She’s very nice and ev­ery week, each of us kids gets to go on a date with our mum or our dad and we get to choose what we do. One time my mum took me out to her friend’s farm to ride on her horse! Grace, 10.

She’s cud­dly and she reads me sto­ries ev­ery night. Goldie, 9.

She’s so kind and sweet and makes me din­ner and break­fast and lunch. Abi­gail, 9.

What’s your favourite thing to do with your mum?

Prob­a­bly driv­ing in the car by our­selves so we can talk. Emily, 10.

Go­ing clothes shop­ping or toy shop­ping, but not food shop­ping be­cause that’s bor­ing. Abi­gail, 9.

When we draw an­i­mals to­gether. Kadee, 6.

What makes your mum happy?

When I give her a hug. Rachel, 6. When we do some­thing for her like tidy up the house. Goldie, 9.

If I do some chores with­out be­ing asked, or make tea for my mum while she’s still in bed with­out be­ing asked, or make break­fast with­out be­ing asked. Abi­gail, 9.

What makes you proud of your mum?

She’s a sur­geon and she’s the boss. Grace, 10. I was proud of my mum when she came to my prize giv­ing. Abi­gail, 9. I just like her how she is. Cal­lum, 8.

What is your mum’s favourite food?

Cho­co­late. She sneaks into the cup­board to eat it. Rachel, 6.

Right now she’s on a diet, so her favourite food is salad and fruit and veg­eta­bles. Goldie, 9.

I think it’s chicken curry, but I don’t re­ally know. Tiana, 7.

What makes your mum laugh?

My jokes. Like, “What’s black and white and then black and white and laugh­ing? A pen­guin and the pen­guin who pushed him.” Rachel, 6.

When I pull a funny face. Goldie, 9. When I tickle her. Tiana, 7.

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