Let them know what your real dream is for them - real, mean­ing­ful, life­time love.

Will it pre­pare and pro­tect them?

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I tend to think lessons are far more vivid when the bud­get­ing di­rectly ap­plies to the child them­selves. If you al­lot a cer­tain reg­u­lar amount to them and then help them man­age a bud­get from which they have to buy all their clothes, toys, toi­letries, gifts etc., you will be amazed how rapidly they de­velop some real fi­nan­cial nous. It cer­tainly did with our chil­dren who were all do­ing their own bud­gets by their early high school years. In­for­ma­tion can help chil­dren brace them­selves to han­dle change and shock. I knew a woman with cancer who, right up to the day of her death, re­fused to let her chil­dren know how un­well she re­ally was. Los­ing a mother is al­ways aw­ful, but the to­tal un­pre­pared­ness of that fam­ily was heart-break­ing. It has made me earnestly be­lieve that even when the topic is un­happy and scary, all of us, even chil­dren, han­dle the big events of life bet­ter with some warn­ing and in­for­ma­tion.

One area where knowl­edge def­i­nitely helps our chil­dren to be pre­pared and pro­tected is in the area of sex – but it is a topic many par­ents are re­luc­tant to raise. (Our young peo­ple are not all that keen on us rais­ing the topic ei­ther!)

The best ap­proach is to in­tro­duce re­lated top­ics very early, es­pe­cially be­cause even young chil­dren need rudi­men­tary so­cio­sex­ual tools. Tod­dlers need to know about ap­pro­pri­ate dress­ing, touch­ing and toi­let­ing be­fore they com­mence kindy, and they also need a vo­cab­u­lary to talk about their bod­ies.

Through the pri­mary school years, you can re­in­force in their minds that you are an au­thor­ity on things to do with health, bod­ies and safety, and that you have firm views on what type of be­hav­iour is re­spect­ful and ap­pro­pri­ate. In early ado­les­cence, lay the foun­da­tions for a great re­la­tion­ship through the com­ing teenage

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