While we don’t want our kids spend­ing all of their time en­gaged with a de­vice, there are a range of apps de­signed to both stim­u­late chil­dren’s imag­i­na­tions and help them build re­la­tional con­nec­tions away from screens. Two in­no­va­tive com­pa­nies stand out in

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Stop, look and lis­ten

Ba­sic road-cross­ing rules still ap­ply but may be for­got­ten! Re­mind your kids of them again. Also, never drive and Poké­mon.

Like all smart­phone apps and on­line games, there are risks - it is worth fa­mil­iaris­ing your­self with some of these with a sim­ple Google search. Talk with other par­ents about their ex­pe­ri­ences thoughts, and of course, have a con­ver­sa­tion with your child.

Get to know the game

The eas­i­est way to get to know this game is to down­load it your­self. Fa­mil­iarise your­self with it and catch the odd Pid­geoto. When you un­der­stand the new­est app or so­cial me­dia craze, you can see where bound­aries should be drawn for your kids. You might not feel like you can keep up with the tech­nol­ogy but you still have an edge over your kids. The most pow­er­ful de­vice they For more great digi-par­ent­ing tips and ad­vice, go to digi-par­ent­ing.co.nz

hot tips tech­nol­ogy

have is the brain, and yours is bet­ter. You can see risks and you should trust your in­stincts.

Ask your kid to give you a tour of the game. Most kids love op­por­tu­ni­ties to be the ex­pert and they will en­joy show­ing you how the game works. Be­fore they know it they’ve dis­closed all the in­for­ma­tion that you will need to know.

Have fun!

You might get some great qual­ity time in with your kid walk­ing around the neigh­bour­hood or driv­ing around town catch­ing Poké­mon. You might even have fun your­self!

Toca Boca

They have a large num­ber of kids apps un­der their belts, in­clud­ing the 'life se­ries' - Toca Life: Town, Toca Life: City, Toca Life: School, and Toca Life: Va­ca­tion. Check them out at to­caboca.com/apps

My Play­home

This is one of my grand­daugh­ter’s favourites. The My Play­home apps al­low chil­dren to ex­plore a vir­tual en­vi­ron­ment as well as learn to make de­ci­sions. Have a look at my­play­home­app.com Thanks to Voda­fone for sup­port­ing The Par­ent­ing Place

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