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1.We do our best to model using tech­nol­ogy well. We re­alise our kids can't tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween us send­ing off an im­por­tant email and us brows­ing Face­book, so we keep de­vice-use around the kids to a min­i­mum.

2.With the new Bring Your Own De­vice model of learn­ing now in schools, it's been hard to draw lines be­tween work and play on de­vices. Our daugh­ter can often be found Skyp­ing her friend to do home­work to­gether. So we re­quire the kids to use their de­vices out­side of their rooms.

3.We have a fam­ily com­puter in a com­mon area of the house for the kids to use. They each have their own ac­count on it and they have shared their pass­words with us.

4.The router is shut down at 10pm ev­ery night. The kids are en­cour­aged to man­age their time and do their on­line so­cial­is­ing be­fore then to avoid FOMO (the fear of miss­ing out).

5.On a re­cent fam­ily road­trip, we de­cided ahead of time that we were not go­ing to use per­sonal de­vices whilst in the car so we could talk and con­nect to­gether. We set aside two to three hours each day where the kids could do what­ever they liked, in­clud­ing using so­cial me­dia.

6.Our top pri­or­ity is for our kids to re­main au­then­tic – that they are the same peo­ple on­line as they are in ev­ery­day life. And so con­ver­sa­tions we have with them about trans­parency and ac­count­abil­ity are fo­cused on that. Ni­cola Gaze is mum to four kids, aged 16, 14, 12 and 9.

For­est: Stay fo­cused, be present

This is a pro­duc­tiv­ity tool de­signed to help users stay off their de­vices and fully en­gage with the task at hand. Though it's de­signed for peo­ple who have their own de­vices, par­ents can use the app as a timer for younger kids as well.

The Won­der Weeks

Based on the best­selling book, The Won­der Weeks, and more than 35 years of in­ter­na­tional sci­en­tific re­search, this app will keep you in­formed about the (men­tal) leaps and bounds of your baby.

Lit­tle Hoots

Kids are full of hi­lar­i­ous com­ments. Cap­ture the best quotes, con­ver­sa­tions and mo­ments with the Lit­tle Hoots app. For more great ad­vice about man­ag­ing ging screen time and keep­ing kids safe on­line,nline, go to digi-par­ent­ Thanks to Voda­fone for sup­port­ing The Par­ent­ing Place

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