Lip­stick psy­cho­anal­y­sis:

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Ev­ery woman knows the im­pres­sion her lips leave on her lip­stick af­ter a few hun­dred ap­pli­ca­tions – dif­fer­ent shapes are sculpted by dif­fer­ent

wear­ers. It’s pos­si­ble that a look at your much-loved lip­sticks will re­veal some­thing about your per­son­al­ity…

The Bullet

If your lip­stick takes a smooth, round tip, you’re prob­a­bly a quiet, soft sort of per­son. But there’s in­ten­sity be­neath the sur­face – you’re full of sur­prises. Bul­lets of­ten have a good sense of di­rec­tion and ex­cel­lent taste, but they can be trou­ble when they’re mad. Bul­lets can hold a grudge, they also like to wreak vengeance, when the need arises.

The Point

The Point points to am­bi­tion – and the sharper the point, the stronger the de­ter­mi­na­tion. Fun-lov­ing with a good sense of hu­mour, Points are of­ten em­bar­rassed to be Points – they have a sen­si­tive, se­ri­ous side. Points can be very help­ful, they like to please oth­ers and are good at fix­ing things. A lit­tle round­ness at the end of the point in­di­cates con­tent­ment.

The Hard-edged Nancy

The sharp edge in­di­cates a need for or­der and a high level of per­fec­tion­ism – there’s pos­si­bly even a touch of com­pul­sive ob­ses­sive here. The Hard-edged Nancy is com­pli­cated, but she’s also hon­est. The shiny sur­face shows bal­ance and in­sight. With love and the right at­ten­tion, a Nancy will bloom. Good for ad­vice and keep­ing se­crets, she also is an ex­cel­lent shop­per.

The Flatty

Level-headed and prac­ti­cal, the Flatty can be a lit­tle shy. But when your world falls apart, it’ll be a Flatty who comes to your res­cue. Flat­ties are good at say­ing what you need to hear; they have ex­cel­lent mem­o­ries and they know how to get the job done. Flat­ties are very neat, tidy and sen­si­ble, but they can also be wildly pas­sion­ate when the mood takes them.

Lip­stick Shapes

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