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SEC­OND SKIN is the best de­scrip­tion for this col­lec­tion of un­der pieces called LAY­ERS. They are sim­ple body hug­ging sep­a­rates de­signed to cre­ate a sleeve, change a neck­line or con­ceal ar­eas sen­si­tive to the wearer. You can wear them as outer gar­ments, but their main pur­pose is to cover arms etc. We call them hosiery for the body. The fab­ric qual­ity is out­stand­ing and strong. It’s an E- Core spun yarn us­ing a tubular knit in­ter­lock sys­tem. They are ideal for travel as they can ad­dress cli­mate changes by sim­ply adding warmth un­der an­other gar­ment or add sleeves when the need arises. LAY­ERS are af­ford­able, fade re­sis­tant, easy care and pill free. De­signed as style so­lu­tions, they can add necks, sleeves or hems when worn un­der outer gar­ments. The most mis­un­der­stood el­e­ment of LAY­ERS is the cropped styles. (See one be­low) They are not de­signed to be worn as an outer wear midriff, al­though on page 49 we do show one worn as an out­er­wear gar­ment. The rea­son for the crop above the waist is that it elim­i­nates the bulk­ing ef­fect that would be cre­ated on your waist by an ad­di­tional layer. They are de­signed to be worn un­der an­other gar­ment. There are two skirt styles, one short (pho­tographed) and one longer. Both can cre­ate dresses, pull you in, add length to other skirts or add lengths to tu­nics.


Make the Acuto Wedge your sum­mer com­fort sta­ple.

Add some glam with the Ver­ano Slide. Cel­e­brate your fem­i­nin­ity in a Neck­lace Swing Chif­fon Dress. This sea­son’s sexy Cold Shoul­der Link Top and Re­versible Panel Matisse Mesh Skirt. Leena Sling­back, el­e­gantly sim­ple.

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