In­ter­sec­tions cause con­cern


Three State High­way 26 in­ter­sec­tions in Mor­rinsville are caus­ing con­cern for res­i­dents who say if im­prove­ments aren’t made, peo­ple are go­ing to be hurt.

There are three in­ter­sec­tions in Mor­rinsville that fre­quent crashes and near misses oc­cur on.

These are the in­ter­sec­tions of Waverly Av­enue and Thames Street (SH26), Waverly Av­enue and Allen Street (also part of SH26) and Av­enue Road and Thames Street (SH 26).

A Face­book thread on the Mor­rinsville Com­mu­nity Group page high­lighted the need for ur­gent at­ten­tion at these in­ter­sec­tions, how­ever some of the con­cerns seemed to stem from peo­ple not know­ing who has the right of way when turn­ing, or the give way rules and con­fu­sion about sig­nage or in­ad­e­quate sig­nage.

An in­ter­sec­tion is where two or more streets or roads join or cross. In­ter­sec­tions can in­clude where a pub­lic en­trance or exit joins a street or road. There are a num­ber of dif­fer­ent types of in­ter­sec­tions, depend­ing on how many roads meet at the in­ter­sec­tion.

There are give way rules that ap­ply at in­ter­sec­tions and drive­ways. If you are turn­ing give way to all traf­fic that is not turn­ing.

It also ap­plies when both ve­hi­cles are fac­ing the same con- trol, such as stop signs, give way signs and green traf­fic sig­nals.

If you are leav­ing the path of a marked cen­tre line at an un­con­trolled in­ter­sec­tion, you must give way to ve­hi­cles fol­low­ing the cen­tre line.

This is be­cause ve­hi­cles leav­ing the path of the cen­tre line are legally turn­ing (even though some­times they might ac­tu­ally be go­ing in a straight line) and the give way rules ap­ply. If you are turn­ing right and the op­pos­ing ve­hi­cle is turn­ing left, you must give way.

Mata­mata-Pi­ako Dis­trict coun­cil­lor and Mor­rinsville res­i­dent Paul Cronin said the New Zealand Trans­port Agency con­trols these parts of the road and they need to un­der­take ac­tion to im­prove these in­ter­sec­tions.

He has started a pe­ti­tion, through and over 250 sup­port­ers have signed it so far.

‘‘We the un­der­signed are con­cerned about the risk to peo­ple’s lives and prop­erty at these in­ter­sec­tions and ask NZTA to un­der­take the nec­es­sary work to fix them on an ur­gent ba­sis,’’ Cronin said.

NZTA did not re­spond be­fore the Pi­ako Post went to print.


Just one of the many Mor­rinsville in­ter­sec­tions con­sid­ered an ac­ci­dent wait­ing to hap­pen.

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