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I’m not a big fan of com­mer­cial feed­ing sta­tions. I pre­fer to grow win­ter bird food in-situ, that is, have live trees and shrubs pro­vide win­ter nour­ish­ment for birds nat­u­rally and with­out the need for equip­ment. Ap­ples are a great source of en­ergy for many birds over the cold months and all that is re­quired to pro­vide those sweet fruits for the bell­birds, black­birds, wax­eyes and thrushes, is to grow va­ri­eties that are late-pro­duc­ers, such as the pear­main fam­ily and any of the crabap­ples. Just leave the fruit on the tree, un­picked. The birds will grad­u­ally take what they need un­til there is noth­ing left. There are sev­eral na­tive trees that pro­duce seed right now that is pop­u­lar with birds such as tui and bell­birds. The panax and pseu­dopanax fam­i­lies have their tiny flat fruits avail­able

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