Are com­mu­nity gar­dens the fu­ture?


‘‘It would be fan­tas­tic if we have one com­mu­nity gar­den in ev­ery street within the next 20 years,’’ gard­ner Ju­dith Rosamund said.

Af­ter more than 30 years grow­ing her own food and trav­el­ling around Europe and work­ing in com­mu­nity gar­dens, Rosamund be­lieves com­mu­nity gar­dens are vi­tal.

Within the next few months Rosamund hopes to spread the word and get a com­mu­nity gar­den pi­lot up and run­ning on the North Shore and the Hi­bis­cus Coast.

‘‘I am hop­ing peo­ple will open up their gar­dens to peo­ple who do not have the space to grow food on their street. I have a real pas­sion for gar­den­ing and eat­ing healthy, I think a lot more peo­ple also do now.’’

Rosamund said she is look­ing at ways to face chal­lenges to­day such as global warm­ing and nat­u­ral dis­as­ters.

‘‘There are a lot more peo­ple who are into gar­den­ing now and grow­ing their own food as the prices in the su­per­mar­kets seem to be con­stantly in­creas­ing due to things like nat­u­ral dis­as­ters.

‘‘I want to be able to over­lap peo­ple’s needs for ex­am­ple by pair­ing some­one who has a gar­den but does not want to do the work with some­one who doesn’t have the space but wants to grow.’’

She said com­mu­nity gar­dens are great and the ben­e­fits are im­por­tant in re­gards to food se­cu­rity and cli­mate change.

‘‘If we all know how to grow our own food and work to­gether as a com­mu­nity to do this there is less risk when it comes to the qual­ity of food. Also by hav­ing more gar­dens it re­duces the chances of flood­ing as gar­dens soak up the wa­ter.’’

Rosamund be­lieves get­ting your hands in the soil and grow­ing and eat­ing fresh food is crit­i­cal for your body.

‘‘The con­ve­nience is also ben­e­fi­cial as peo­ple will no longer have to get in their car and go to the su­per­mar­ket if they for­got some­thing, they can just walk down the road or to their back­yard.’’

With the aim of start­ing a com­mu­nity gar­den north of Auck­land within the next few months, Rosamund said peo­ple can con­tact her on 02102283363 if they are in­ter­ested in help­ing or be­ing in­volved.

‘‘I would like to see peo­ple turn­ing lawns into gar­dens and for peo­ple of all ages get­ting in­volved to build this,’’ she said.

Ju­dith Rosamund wants ev­ery com­mu­nity to have a com­mu­nal gar­den within the next 20 years.

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