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There are some things – souf­fle´s, flambe´ed creˆpes and bombe Alaska – that are best left to restau­rants, but herb but­ter isn’t one of them. Not only does it look flash and ooze flavour, it’s easy to make and melt over a siz­zling steak or spread on bread straight out of the oven.

Peren­nial herbs to mix into but­ter in­clude rose­mary, pars­ley, thyme and sage (not too much as its flavour over­pow­ers all other herbs). Add a clove of freshly crushed gar­lic, chilli pow­der for a kick, or dried tar­ragon or mar­jo­ram if these herbs are more to your taste.

Har­vest win­ter herbs on a dry day, or cut and pop them in a glass of wa­ter in­doors overnight un­til the fo­liage dries out. Other­wise you’ll get pock­ets of mois­ture in the but­ter.

Soften a block of good qual­ity but­ter to room tem­per­a­ture on your kitchen bench, then finely chop your choice of herbs with a sharp knife or old-fash­ioned herb roller. Mix the cut herbs into the but­ter, fash­ion it into a log and chill in the fridge.

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