Unof­fi­cial car yard trou­bles res­i­dents


Ex­as­per­ated res­i­dents are strug­gling to leave their re­tire­ment vil­lage for fear of crash­ing their cars as they leave the drive­way.

Res­i­dents of the Penin­sula Club - lo­cated on a 60kph stretch of Whanga­paraoa Rd - say it’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore a ma­jor ac­ci­dent oc­curs due to the ’’unof­fi­cial car yard’’ that stretches up the hill ad­ja­cent to the club which makes pulling out onto the busy main road dif­fi­cult.

How­ever, Auck­land Trans­port says the cars are parked safely.

Res­i­dent of 15 years Ju­dith still feels sick about a ‘‘har­row­ing’’ near miss she ex­pe­ri­enced a week ago when leav­ing the vil­lage.

‘‘I’ve lived on the Hibis­cus Coast for 30 years and never had an ac­ci­dent,’’ she said.

‘‘It fright­ened the day­lights out of me.’’

Try­ing to turn right, Ju­dith couldn’t see a car com­ing down the hill, which blasted its horn and nar­rowly missed her.

Still shaken from the in­ci­dent, Ju­dith says she has hardly left the vil­lage since.

‘‘It’s hard enough get­ting out of there with­out the cars,’’ she says.

Ju­dith won­ders ‘‘how can they even sell them there?’’, as their prox­im­ity to the busy road make them im­pos­si­ble to safely in­spect.

Joy has lived at Penin­sula Club for 15 years, and calls the car yard a ‘‘tremen­dous im­po­si­tion’’.

She now tends to make a de­tour to the Vipond lights if she is head­ing east on the penin­sula. ’’Rather than take my life in my hands, I drive down the other liv­ing

‘‘It fright­ened the liv­ing day­lights out of me’’

way,’’ she said.

Res­i­dent Sue says the cars are worse than they’ve ever been in her five years liv­ing at The Penin­sula Club.

She wor­ries the parked cars will make it dif­fi­cult for emer­gency ser­vices to drive down the hill.

Auck­land Trans­port’s Mark Han­nan says a park­ing en­force­ment man­ager be­lieves the no stop­ping zone is suf­fi­cient and cars are parked safely.

‘‘The place­ment of cur­rent re­stric­tions and the turn-in to the en­trance of the club is gen­er­ous,’’ Han­nan said.

Ve­hi­cles for sale can ‘‘can be a nui­sance in some sit­u­a­tions,’’ Han­nan said, but the cars in ques­tion do not cause an is­sue if they are parked legally and safely.

‘‘We are well aware of the con­cerns of the res­i­dents and will con­tinue to mon­i­tor this area to en­sure ve­hi­cles are parked legally and in a safe, con­sid­er­ate man­ner.’’


For sale cars line Whanga­paraoa Rd out­side the Penin­sula Club.

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