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Re­gard­ing No lights and bro­ken per­mits, Rod­ney Times July 6.

Whilst I sym­pa­thise with the Silverdale Busi­ness As­so­ci­a­tion and the to­tal lack of re­sponse to re­quests for traf­fic lights at Silverdale Street and Tav­ern Road, NZTA would seem to be prov­ing their case in not oblig­ing the re­quest by what they are putting in from the mo­tor­way up to Silverdale street. Those traf­fic sig­nals work against each other to to­tally clog up peak traf­fic with grid­lock ev­ery week­day morn­ing and evening. There are now four sets of them be­tween Silverdale town­ship and the mo­tor­way what a night­mare. What is worse there’s no elec­tronic co­or­di­na­tion be­tween them. Plus the set that works by the bus ter­mi­nus ran­domly stops all traf­fic east/ west bound for no rea­son what­so­ever. And why is there a set go­ing to Jack Hawken Lane when there’s noth­ing there?

NZTA cre­ated a dog’s break­fast mo­tor­way junc­tion in the first place. To have a traf­fic light on the round­about for Dairy Flat and North­bound Mo­tor­way Traf­fic means that traf­fic flow pro­jec­tion maths ei­ther was never done or has failed. If ONLY they had the wis­dom to put a proper clover-leaf junc­tion in when it was first built. City traf­fic go­ing to Whanga­paraoa would have an easy en­try left onto Hibis­cus

Coast Road, and North­bound Mo­tor­way traf­fic from Silverdale would have have an easy left turn on the East­ern side of the over bridge. When will we EVER get some real town plan­ners who have a true vi­sion for an in­te­grated hu­man friendly en­vi­ron­ment, even from right back at the in­fra­struc­ture stage of de­sign­ing mo­tor­way junc­tion and, heaven for­bid, with in­te­grated pub­lic trans­port sta­tions. All we get now is trained mit­i­ga­tors who ad­ju­di­cate be­tween the com­pet­ing fi­nan­cial forces of road builders, land de­vel­op­ers and builders.

All the ‘pie in the sky’ plans for the Silverdale (now Mill­wa­ter) res­i­den­tial devel­op­ment when it was first mooted, went out the win­dow. Gone are the five and 10 acre blocks that were por­trayed as be­ing in the mid­dle of the area and in their place we have cheek by jowl ter­races. It’ll soon be the ‘Coro­na­tion Street’ of the South Pa­cific, when it starts to get run down, not fash­ion­able and they get rented out in­stead of owner oc­cu­pied!

It’s al­ready started at Gulf Har­bour…so watch out.

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