Car stranded on beach


A fish­er­man check­ing his nets on Orewa beach last week lost his four­door hatch­back when it got stuck and was claimed by the tide.

The man had caught four fish from the wa­ters at the north end of the beach and, af­ter putting his gear away, found he was stuck, a Fire Ser­vice spokesman said.

Po­lice were aware of the strand­ing, but the fire­fighter was un­sure how the car would be re­moved.

French tourist Alexis Meyer was stay­ing in a cam­per­van overnight in the Arun­del Re­serve car park and was wo­ken by the fran­tic fish­er­man knock­ing on his door at 6am ask­ing for help.

‘‘So I just grabbed some pants and tried to help him.’’

The two tried to push the car and also used pieces of wood to dig and try and get trac­tion un­der the tyres.

‘‘There was no way it was mov­ing,’’ Meyer said.

At 6am the wa­ter had been around 15 me­tres away ‘‘but it came in re­ally, re­ally fast’’, Meyer said.

A cou­ple who didn’t want to be iden­ti­fied thought it would be a big job to get the car out once the tide re­ceded. The thought of oil from the car’s en­gine pol­lut­ing the wa­ter and beach an­gered them. ‘‘What’s he do­ing with a car like that driv­ing down on the beach,’’ the woman said.


The fish­er­man watched as the tide came in and claimed his car.

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