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I, and pos­si­bly many other read­ers, am out­raged and deeply of­fended to read that low-in­come earn­ers are to be de­terred from us­ing the new down­scaled, twolane Penlink Road by the price. Ev­ery per­son who lives in this area, re­gard­less of their mon­e­tary sta­tus, has the right to use this road, should it ever be built.

Those who do not work in the area, have a right to travel on roads re­gard­less of what they earn. Surely Plan­ners of the build (and of course Coun­cil) should be tak­ing care of all res­i­dents. Two lanes will not make any dif­fer­ence to the ex­tremely high vol­ume of traf­fic; th­ese two lanes still need to merge with other traf­fic on the mo­tor­way. Dis­gusted. The­u­nis Van Schalk­wyk’s rea­son­ing on Penlink in your Au­gust 22nd is­sue. Lets see: Build the bridge so as not to be suf­fi­cient to take the ex­pected traf­fic growth and then charge a higher rate to stop poorer peo­ple from us­ing it and there­fore solv­ing the prob­lem of con­ges­tion on it. Wow, that’s an awe­some so­lu­tion. Thank good­ness for univer­sity de­grees! I don’t know about any­one else but I nearly fell over laugh­ing when I read that. It would be funny ex­cept for the fact that we have non­sense like this com­ing from peo­ple in po­si­tions of con­trol and de­ci­sion mak­ing right across the board. I guess its the same peo­ple who dreamt up the en­try/exit de­ba­cle to Whanga­paraoa Rd at the new Stan­more Bay shop­ping cen­tre. When is some­one go­ing to own up to that mis­take and put in a slip road at least into the com­plex. say­ing more needed to be done to pro­tect Orewa and Red Beach form sed­i­ment etc. from new de­vel­op­ments.

There’s a tidal creek that runs be­hind Red Beach Surf Club up to the en­trance of Pinewoods Camp.

Some time ago when we were hav­ing ero­sion prob­lems on the banks of this creek, the then Rod­ney Mayor Penny Web­ster said at some time weed needs to

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