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Kia ora.

Well it’s less than a fort­night un­til the Septem­ber 23 gen­eral election and if you’re re­ally keen to vote, then early polling is open now.

We’ve tried hard over the last few months to pro­vide you with a fair and rea­son­able amount of cov­er­age of the politi­cians vy­ing for your votes via reg­u­lar col­umns and the lat­est Q and A pieces.

You can read an­other one in to­day’s edi­tion.

Next week will be our last of these and we hope these have been help­ful in help­ing you de­cide who to vote for.

But noth­ing beats go­ing along and speak­ing with the politi­cians your­self- so keep an eye out for places they’ll be over the next week and a bit and head along.

Also all their party’s poli­cies are spelled out on each of their web­site- so take the time to have a read.

Vot­ing is im­por­tant and can make a real dif­fer­ence.

I for one can’t wait to get along to my lo­cal polling booth next satur­day and have my say.

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