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Learn from the mis­takes of oth­ers and elim­i­nate the trial and er­ror that comes with build­ing for the first time, writes

You dream of buy­ing the per­fect home, but noth­ing you visit quite ticks all your boxes. The so­lu­tion? Build your own!

Un­for­tu­nately, build­ing isn’t quite as sim­ple as rais­ing your hand at an auc­tion. A lot of time, plan­ning and, of course, money goes into build­ing a house, and with that comes a bit of trial and er­ror – and in­evitable mis­takes.

Here are a hand­ful of com­mon mis­takes first-time builders make, and how to avoid mak­ing them your­self. sus­tain­ably, and (most im­por­tantly) stick­ing to bud­get. Find out more at jen­ni­an­ years’ time. Use main­stream ap­pli­ance brands so you’ve got more bud­get for fit­tings, light­ing and join­ery. Don’t sac­ri­fice qual­ity just so you come un­der bud­get; look at the over­all project and fig­ure out what parts of the puz­zle are most im­por­tant. to be true, it prob­a­bly is. A fast sale will nor­mally come back to bite a client with cost over­runs, con­struc­tion de­lays and avoid­able PC sums (pro­vi­sional al­lowances for spe­cific items that haven’t been cho­sen or priced yet). Jen­nian Homes works to slow the sales and de­sign process down and pro­vide greater cer­tainty over pric­ing. It’ll take longer, but it’ll save you money and sleep­less nights, and give you cer­tainty in the long run.


Talk to your build­ing team about how you can save money in ways that’s right for your home.

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