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The yel­low­ing leaves on my ‘Meyer’ le­mon and lemon­ade tree are a cry for help. ‘Feed me, feed me’ the trees are say­ing in their nu­tri­ent­d­e­fi­cient state. Yel­low leaves usu­ally in­di­cate that the plants are de­fi­cient in mag­ne­sium, zinc or iron. I’m go­ing to green them up by dos­ing them with Yates Cit­rus Cure Zinc & Man­ganese Che­late. Cit­rus are heavy feed­ers so feed them lit­tle and of­ten with a specialist cit­rus fer­tiliser ev­ery week from Septem­ber un­til March. Mulch them right out to the tree’s drip line as well, but don’t mulch around the trunk of the tree to avoid col­lar rot.

If you’re grow­ing cit­rus in con­tain­ers, feed them now and in

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